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The United Confederation Fleet Wants You!!


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Report this Jan. 20 2012, 12:23 am

United Confederation Fleet is newly formed.  The United Confederation Fleet is the operational exploratory and military authority of the Planetary alliance political alliance. It was formally formed in 2404 then reformed in 2412 and superseded the role of the Starfleetl Command which was a more loosely controlled body tasked with the same purpose.

The UCF, as it it is more commonly referred to, is a structured military styled organization with starships, facilities and personnel donated by it's member governments.

Operation of the UCF is overseen by the UCF Council which draws its members from each government that has signed into contributing and cooperating with the UCF. This council appoints a Commander in Chief who commands the organisation on a day to day basis.


We currently have 4 sims, 2 starships, a colony and a Risa (Rated 18+, but, not XXX) sim.  All are looking for crew.  With UCF your character is not limited to just the Federation, but, you can have them come from the military of any of the member governments!!!!


Check out and join today!!!

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