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Kirk/Spock fan fiction


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He wanted to get laid so bad. But, how would Jim get Spock to make him leave his happy place to something with a little bit more pizzaz.

Spock looked at his bondmate and wondered why Jim loved to show attention to himself.

Jim found Spock's pouting absolutely adorable.

Jim looked at his lover and smiled.

"No, I was pleasantly surprised. You do that very well, with your mouth."

"Hmmm. You know me Spock, I am very flexible when it's comes to activities using that particular appendage."

"How about we leave here and I can show you what else I can do with my mouth."

Jim's eyed his lover with an appreciate gaze.


And so on ...

This is just more pretentious and offensive crap. Please remove it and stop posting any more of it. I expect 99% of the fan base here are totally disgusted with what you are doing and you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

I think you are just finding literature (if you can call it that) that is written about other people and subjects and then substituting it with the names of Kirk and Spock. Mind you, that would be inferring that somebody else appreciated this bollocks as well.

A Star Trek fan you are decidedly not. No real fan would do this kind of thing.

Seriously - How dare you?!!!

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WTF is this garbage?

Some people have some serious issues, huh?

What a pile of cold wet horseshit.



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I seem to have struck a nerve. Very well. Frienship story. Period. 


Oh, this is for you True Spock...I shall no longer post anything here. But, why should I be the only one.


Spock's a little bit out of character. Wouldn't you say.....take a gander.  And I am being explicit...Do you want me to report you as well. Double standard.....really.

This last statement culminated, as tradition demanded, in a long, deep, wet kiss which sent violent shockwaves through both of their loins, urging them to remain locked this way until the very end of the universe itself.  As they teased each other with their tongues--a curious convention she had taught to him early in their courtship--Suzanne guided Spock to the huge, cushioned swing, where he unerringly moved aside her robe and pulled away her sweetly scented undergarments, even as she brought him forth into her delicate hands.  He took her as she demanded to be taken; without hesitation, reservation or regard for the passage of time. Completely absorbed as they were in each other's writhing forms, slipping and sweaty and frantically hungry as if this were the first and only time they would ever have this opportunity...and, evidently, Time must have chosen that most unfortunate moment to read their minds.


I know it has only been two days since you have posted this...And you writing is superbe. But still...not the Spock I know....







                                                 Guiding You Home


Jim and Spock were done with their shift, and were both heading to a nice relaxing game of chess. They hadn't decided which cabin to play in, when the turbolift they were riding, stopped all of sudden and plunged them in utter darkness. It lurched violently to one side, causing the passengers to fall on top of each other, knocking them both on the floor.

Spock got up first and was unhurt. As he straightened his uniform tunic he tried to feel around to sense the captain near him but he wasn't there. The darkness became slightly discernable with the flickering lights in the lift. Spock could make out the captain. He was lying on the floor in a ball as far as he could tell and was not moving but making sounds. 

~Perhaps the captain was injured,~ said Spock in his mind. Spock descended to his knees and tried to see the captain in the faint light. He noticed he was staring aimlessly and sweating profusively. What was happening to his captain and his friend?

"Captain are you injured? The lift has stopped abruptly we should contact Mr.Scott to find out what has happened."

Jim didn't move from the floor. He just stared aimlessly and besides sweating he now was shaking. 

"Engineering to turbolift 4 is anyone in there please respond."

Hearing Mr.Scott's voice Mr. Spock got up and felt the side of the wall and came in contact with the comm unit and pressed the button.

"Yes, Mr. Scott, the captain and I are in turbolift 4. What has transpired?"

"Nothing serious sir. Just a malfunctioning circuit. You are in no danger Spock. We are effecting repairs as we speak. Should be done in about 45 minutes, maybe less."

"I see. Very well. Thank you Mr. Scott we shall wait til repairs are complete, Spock out."

Spock was beginning to get worried. As worried a Vulcan could be. Jim was still on the floor of the lift, almost in shock. Spock had to get through to him.

Spock then bent down again on his knees and approached the captain.

"Jim, can you hear me? The turbolift is undergoing repairs. It should not be much longer. Please, is there something I can do for you? Jim, let me help."

The words that came from Jim's voice were of a child. He could hear Jim sobbing and pleading with someone. Getting closer he heard a name. The name he kept repeating was Sam. Spock remembered his brother from Deneva. The Enterprise was too late to save the captain's brother and his wife Aurelan. Atleast they had managed to save his nephew Peter.

Spock was finding this very curious. Why would the captain speak of his brother. Had he not mourned his death 2 years ago. Spock could tell that he was somehow reliving the past. Experiencing something that had frightenend him. Perhaps something had triggered his friend when turbolift stopped abruptly and went dark. He may have been grasping at straws but he wanted to help the captain and he had to do it in way that would not frighten him further than he was.

Spock decided to speak to him in a low voice and to use simple words. Maybe by doing so it would get his captain to tell him inadvertingly what was happening to him. Spock was surprised to admit that he had wished the doctor to be with him. Hopefully he was following the right course of action in this case.

"Jim, where are you? Tell me where you are?"

"Sam is that you? Oh I'm here, please find me. You came back I thought you wouldn't. Why...did you wait so long. You know how much I love to play hide and seek with you. You always hide better than me. I tried to find a good place. What do you think of the place I found?"

At that moment Spock tried to think quick on his feet. He had no idea where Jim was hiding. He thought of Spock being Sam. He could postulate that Jim was probably 5 while his brother was maybe 9 or10. He wasn't sure. He tried very hard to use his next words correctly.

Spock/Sam: "It is a good place Jim."

Jimmy: "Why do you call me that. You always call me Jimmy."

Spock/Sam: "Of course I just thought that you were now getting big and I should call you Jim."

Spock could tell Jim was smiling when he said that.

Jimmy: "I am not big like you Sam. You are very big my big brother. 

Jimmy: "You sound funny Sam. Sam please, can you....get me out now. I don't want to play anymore. I was so worried that you wouldn't come. You remembered what happened. We decided to play and it was my turn to hide. We decided to hide in the barn. Mom and Dad were gone to do an errand. I needed to find a place quick. You are always so good at finding me I wanted you be proud of me that I found a place where it would take you a little longer to find me. I found something perfect and got in it and realized that it was so dark and then I started to get scared I couldn't open the door and I only had a tiny hole to breathe through. One minute I would look through it and another I would breathe from that hole. I was so scared. But I knew you would find me. I began to hear voices coming towards the barn. I wasn't sure who it was. All I heard were voices and they were laughing. I put my eye to the hole and saw you but you were not alone. You were talking with some of your friends from school. I thought you were going to ask them to help you find me but no you were leaving. You were leaving me by myself. Why did you leave me Sam?

Spock/Sam: "I am here now. You are safe. Please Jimmy tell me where are you?"

Jimmy: "Please get me out. I...I'm in the locker. You remember the locker. Dad kept his phaser rifle in it. Dad told us not to get in there. I'm sorry I should have listened to him. You're not angry are you Sam? Please don't tell mom and dad. Please don't tell them."

Jimmy began to cry.

Spock/Sam: "I will not tell them. Do not cry it will be alright. I will get you out of the locker."

Jimmy: "Hurry Sam, I can't breathe. I'm so scared. I need to pee. Please get me out. I'm so scared. Mom and dad will be angry with me. It's so dark.....I..I can't breathe. Please get me out now."

Spock/Sam: "I am opening the door Jimmy. It is open come out Jimmy you are safe I am here."

Jimmy: "I can't. I'm stuck, I have no room. I can't get out. Please get me out."

Spock didn't know what to do. If he tried to touch Jim will he realize it is still Sam or not. Also if he managed to get him out would he back to being his commanding officer.

Jimmy: "Sam are you there? Don't leave me again. Don't please, I love you my brother please don't leave me alone in here."

Spock/Sam: "I am here, do you feel me getting you out. I am touching you now I am removing you from the locker. Come closer to me Jimmy you will be alright now."

Jimmy clutched at the person holding him and wouldn't let go. He grabbed tight what he seemed to believe was Sam's shirt and held on for what seemed to be forever to Spock.

Jimmy: "Am I out? I am no longer in there. You saved me Sam and you found my hiding place. Was I good hider, am I good as you?"

Spock/Sam: "Yes I removed you from the locker. Yes you hide real good Jimmy."

Jimmy: "Thank you so much Sam. I love you my brother, do you love me a little?"

Spock/Sam: "Yes...I too love you Jimmy."

Jimmy: "I am so glad."

All of a sudden the lights came back on and the lift continued . The moment the lights were back on Jimmy started to change. He became less rigid, and started to let go slowly the person he was holding on too.

Slowly Jim looked up and saw Spock. They were still on floor of the lift and Spock kept staring in those hazel eyes.

"Spock is there something wrong. What are we doing on the floor together?"

"The....the lift malfunctioned sir. It is working now." said Spock visibly shaken.

"Good, can you help me up I seem to have fallen asleep on my legs I can't seem to stand."

"Certainly Jimmy. I mean Jim."

"What..why did you call me that? sam called me that."

"You were talking about him when you fell."

"I did I can't seem to remember."

"Everything is better is it not. You seem to be standing now would you like me to let go."

"Yes, you can. That's strange, now that you mention my brother I seem to think I dreamt about him. Can't quite remember what it was about. I miss him Spock. I know it's been 2 years. You never forget your brother. I hope he realized how much I loved him. I never told him how I felt. I always regretted that."

"Are you certain. Surely you did."

"No, we were never that close. He would always tease me. I remember one time we played hide and seek and he left me alone in a locker for 3 hours. He finally let me out but all I remember is waking up in my bed. Mom and dad never found out. I do remember being cold and afraid in there. I guess I just passed out. Thank god he found me. Sorry Spock for being morbid stupid things kids do when they are young. But still besides the teasing I loved him. I just wish he new I loved him back."

"I believe he knew."

"Engineering to turbolift 4 come in please." 

"Kirk here Scotty, we are fine here. Repairs are all done I see Mr.Scott."

"Yes sir. I hope it wasn't too much of an inconvenience."

"No Mr. Spock and I am fine. Kirk out."

"Are you feeling alright sir."

"Strange I feel at peace. I don't know why. Still interested in getting even with me in a game chess my friend?"

"Yes Jim. I look forward to it."

"Very well, lead the way."

The doors opened and the two friends decided to play in the captain's room. Everything seemed as it should. Two good friends playing chess. What is more precious than that.


I have been, and always shall be yours.


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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>(4)  Every human woman who ever liked Star Trek has a secret longing to BE the lady I am writing about...the one that Spock finally picks.  In other words, there is a market for my concept, whereas yours just seems to piss everybody off; not a good choice for someone who is so obviouisly hoping to capture the (positive) attention and imagination of one's fellow fans!


Human... check.

Woman... check.

Like Star Trek.... check.

Secret desire for tawdry love affair with Spock..... Absolutely positively no check.


Excuse I TrueSpock but as a human female I did find that your statement in this regard falls quite short of an Every Woman scenario. Warranting a friendly correction.

That having been said I am not denying there are some women (and men??) within fandom who do have some degree of closet Spock-love. I (and almost certainly more than 1% of others) do not happen to be among them.

Denise: I would suggest if you want to find a responsive readership for your work, keep to more fanfic-friendly sites (eg. / livejournal) rather than this one. This isn't the genre that I personally like to read, but you will very likely find a more receptive audience to K/S slash in general.

For myself, I generally make a policy of not posting fanfiction on official sites such as this (with the exception of when invited to do so.) Note however that you may still find honest critics and will not necessarily get all positive reviews.

To your earlier story I would suggest some revision as there were places where the narrative confused me as a reader. It moves perhaps a little too quickly from the turbolift accident to the whole Sam & Jimmy scenario with little to no explanation of how it transitioned to that point. Also you have a tendency to mix present / past tense in a way that is occasionally very jarring.

The premise of your second passage has some curious aspects to it (and a refreshing lack of pornography.) I do however suggest as before that if not just to write to yourself, keep to fanfiction specific sites, rather than somewhere like this one. You might consider also getting a trusted volunteer to Beta-read your work, particularly for grammar, tense and narrative transitions.

~ash (aka Little Tanuki.)

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Quote: /view_profile/ @

>... to the wanton rewriting of long-established cultural icons and force feeding it to people who just don't want to hear it.

>I sincerely wish you well, Denise.  Ultimately however, I also wish you elsewhere.


Indeed. Ditto. As a usually staunch believer in free speech and defending the right to broadcast the views of those you don't necessarily agree with - I have found this little debacle very, very testing indeed.

But ultimately, all of this saccharin-soaked sexual sludge (see I'm a bleedin' poet too!) comes far too close to the bone for most of us. God only knows what Gene Roddenberry would have made of it. Speaking as a very open-minded liberal I have to say: (a) there are limits you know; and (b) I'm surprised you haven't been ripped to pieces by the more conservative (Bible-bashing/flat-earther) elements of this site.

Go in peace and find somewhere that has a willing audience for this stuff.

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Oh my.....

"Please Watch Our Films"


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Quote: /view_profile/ @

>I 'love' Spock and fictionally want to marry him .

>So does Dax.


>I hate fan fic, novels, movies, episodes that matches him up with some gorgeous 'Victorian heroine' that he absolutely adores and would risk everything for the Enterprise, his crew and his Vulcaness. I also hate it when they do it with Data and Picard too. Something which is so OOC that it makes them unrecognisable. Just my opinion.Maybe other people have different ideas.


Well those would be the Mary Sues -- I have no general love for Mary Sues either (although a small percentage can be genuinely good characters. On second thought however these are usually not the Victorian types so you have a point lol.)

Two kinds of criticism: Constructive, and Destructive. I do still try to operate on the principle that, if someone has tried to be genuine in their work, criticism is fine; Constructive is best.

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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The only Slash I really like (and this is a new experience for me realising that this word has so many meanings) is the guitarist from Guns 'n' Roses / Velvet Revolver! I am reading his autobiography at the moment and it is fairly well-written, very candid obviously, and occasionally surprisingly perceptive.


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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>@Denise (Just in case you are watching for a last response from me.): 

>I suspected that you might spot that quote in my own story and suggest a double standard.  At least you are one of the vanishingly few souls who could be bothered to READ my story, and for that I thank you.  Meanwhile, allow me to attempt to explain what I feel the differences might be between our two approaches, as one writer to another.

>(1)  My dalliance with explicit sexuality is contained in one paragraph within a story of 60,000 words (so far).  Your writings don't seem to be about anything BUT sex...and sex between two characters whom the overwhelming majority of your target audience devoutly feels should not be sexual, at that!

>(2)  The inclusion of a 'sex scene' in my work is specifically intended, along with many other passages, to indicate a long-term, devoted and committed relationship with someone in his original timeline, in order to provide a plausible motivation for Spock to wish to leave the Abrams Reboot Universe, rather than just sticking around to repatriate Vulcans as he says he'll do in the movie.

>(3)  The arguably 'out of character' portrayal of Spock which I make in my story can be easily and comfortably inferred from canon:  His chronicled ability to find within himself and express love for Christine, Leila, Zarabeth, Droxine and Savvik--regardless of the specialized circumstances!--to name but a few.  Couple this with the observable fact that Spock was consistantly getting more and more in touch with his human side, as the TOS story arc progressed over time, add in his father's predilections for human women, and my projection for Spock at this late stage of his life seems eminently logical.

>(4)  Every human woman who ever liked Star Trek has a secret longing to BE the lady I am writing about...the one that Spock finally picks.  In other words, there is a market for my concept, whereas yours just seems to piss everybody off; not a good choice for someone who is so obviouisly hoping to capture the (positive) attention and imagination of one's fellow fans!

>Finally, let me add to all of this that, in 'real life', I am the very staunchest supporter of the notion that members of the LGBT community should have all the rights and privileges and opportunities for personal expression the everyone else supposedly has, and be free from persecution, but that simply does not extend--in my mind--to the wanton rewriting of long-established cultural icons and force feeding it to people who just don't want to hear it.

>I sincerely wish you well, Denise.  Ultimately however, I also wish you elsewhere.


Look, love ST, really, but it's all make believe. None of it exists and never will. The fictional characters are not offended because a fan wants to make up stories. Silly as they may be. Sorry, your sexual imagery is no different than Denise's, nor are your stories "truer" or more acceptable because you hew closer to canon.

Having said all of that, I dig some ff and slash. However, there are places for explicit ff and slash. Denise needs to acquaint herself with the terms or service and respect the other board members. She could be reported or banned for explicit material or spamming.

To be fair, the title of this thread is "K/S ff" so folks wandering in shouldn't be surprised that it is homoerotic in content. That's generally what K/S is about, the eros, NOT philos bond between the two characters.

It would be like making a thread about jamaharon and posters expressing offense that Risian sexual rites are being discussed. As long as it doesn't violate terms of service, you were WARNED about the topic before clicking.

It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want. - Spock


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You think more highly of your opinion than you should. It is no more valid than anyone else posting.

Your issues are your own. The facts of the matter are:

1) This is a free and public site. As long as she doesn't violate the terms of service she can post what she wants. Other posters are not forced to respond or engage her in any way. In fact, you are probably stroking her ego by attacking her instead of ignoring her.

2) If she violates the terms of service you should report her. The moderators have said REPEATEDLY (when they are around) to report and not engage problem posters.

3) Homophobic slurs are unacceptable regardless of your opinion of Denise's writing. I will give you an opportunity to edit your post to intelligently express your feelings without resorting to such language.

4) Your love and views of ST, and Kirk and Spock in particular, does not in any way trump Denise's love and views. Kirk and Spock are her heroes too. You don't own them or have any right to tell others how to express their fandom.

5) K/S ff is homoerotic in nature. Almost any seasoned fan is aware of this subset of ff. Slash in an of itself does not violate terms of service. Explicit, pornagraphic, or particularly offensive language violates terms of service. If she wants to write about K/S being lovers that's her prerogative. If she writes about K/S doing the bedroom bounce in graphic details, report away.

6) You have no authority to make anyone leave or post according to your tastes. If you're not buying what Denise is selling stop going into her store.

It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want. - Spock


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I am the very staunchest supporter of the notion that members of the LGBT community should have all the rights and privileges and opportunities for personal expression the everyone else supposedly has, and be free from persecution...

Denise had taken two long-established cultural icons and reimagined them to be just another pair of queers...

...then continuing to spew the same faggoty tripe...

Take note of how truespock claims to be a supporter of gay rights yet uses homophobic hate-speech in his posts.


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It's funny that fans of a show that preaches the concept of IDIC are also some of the most rabid gay-bashers I have ever come across. This is not a poke at anyone in particular, merely an observation based on experience.


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in light of the fact that several of us have politely asked her to stop and encouraged her to locate a more appropriate venue.

Delete your crap and get off the site, Denise.

Yeah, real polite there bub. I also like the open admission that you made false reports and that you encourage others to do the same:

We have repeatedly reported this as pornographic (as there was no checkbox for 'literary puke') and must now conclude, due to abject lack of response, that the site moderators have all died in their cubicles and must certainly be getting awfully ripe by now.  If all of this is true, then surely I--and others--can assume the same 'right' to continue to object to this stubborn little girl as vociferously as possible, yes? does have a moderating team and a very good one; they can tell the difference between a real violation of TOS and a tacit homophobe like you who makes false reports (a violation of site TOS in and of itself) because someone else's story offends their precious sensibilities.

And for everyone telling Denise to leave, you all seem to forget that this is a site for ALL Star Trek fans, not just heterosexuals.

Denise, keep the slash coming!


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I don't think truespock is homophobic and neither are any of the others (including me) who have criticised the daily slashathon ...

It's not gay-bashing to object to non-gay characters being appropriated as such. It is just bad form in my opinion and totally inappropriate for such well-known straight figurative creations.

I mentioned that the James Cawley show has a gay figure (who happens to be Kirk's nephew) which was handled sensitively and quite well. I don't have a problem with bona fide gay figures being praised or fictionised in this way - but not straight ones.

I guess ultimately I just see this slash phenomenon as a seriously weak and low-grade form of expression. There is little of any value to it - based upon what we have been exposed to here. You might as well just have Kirk and Spock down as two old duffers who go down the pub every night and play darts - because sexual innuendo aside, it contains no artistic or creative merit and is utterly pointless.

Being creative would be coming up with something new, exciting and thoughtful. This slash stuff is a world away from such aspirations.


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...the overwhelming majority of your target audience devoutly feels should not be sexual, at that!

Ad populum BS,

...for which there is absolutely no support in canon, even to the sickest mind.

I love the insinuation here, namely that it takes a degree of mental illness to conceptualize a K/S relationship.

...But for the handful of older, more 'seasoned' fans, her material is intolerably offensive...and always will be!

Unless you are psychic, you cannot speak intelligently or honestly about other Trek fans. You can only say with absolute certainty that the material in question is "intolerably offensive...and always will be" only to YOU.

For a fan of a show that was always on the cutting edge of societal issues, you seem to be out of touch with Trek's philosophy of tolerance and acceptance conceptualized in IDIC. That makes you an embarrassment to the rest of Trek fandom.

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