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Scotty vs. Geordi

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Created by: guillermo.mejía


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Scotty FTW.

Gods, I miss Jimmy Doohan.


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   Well Duh! Scotty of course, but  Geordi Laforge comes in at a close second.

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Scotty is The Man! But Trip was the first of his kind. He had to figure everything out from scratch. So you gotta wonder, when Scotty was first joining Starfleet, was Trip his inspiration for deciding to become an engineer?


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I voted for Jordi because he was so relaxed and his expertise was without a doubt almost a match for Scotty,s' also I find him adoring:-)


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I voted for Trip because I loved him the most

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Geordi may have been more advenced in technology, but he was too bound by the regulations he learned in the Startfleet guidelines. Scotty wrote those guidelines. A little time with his beloved technical manuals and Scotty will be all caught up to La Forge's tech level and working miracles like never before. 

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Any discussion should rightly include O’Brian, Torres and Tucker.

As we’re limited to TOS and TNG; the choice would have to be Geordie.

Geordie maintained the engines to spec and ran a tight ship.

 As much as Scotty protested the strain on his engines, he was usually the one tinkering, pushing and coaxing them to perform impossible and often dangerous feats.

That being said, Scotty seemed to have more fun on the job.

All the best,Wayne

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