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What two Trek characters' traits would you combine to be the ideal person you'd want to be? I think I would choose Tuvok and Riker, Tuvok for his intelligence, logic and telepathic abilities and Riker for his mostly calm demeanor, charm and boldness.

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Hmmmmm, I think possibly Spock and Sisko.  At least for the guys. Or maybe Worf ( later Worf, movie and DS9 ) and either Odo or Vic Fontane

For the gals I would say it would be a mix of Uhura, Jadzia, Kyra, Seven and Lwaxana.  I know Lwaxana wasn't a crew member, but she did show that she could be a strong character and still be able to have fun, too.  Sorry about having 5 for the gals, but I just couldn't narrow it down to two.

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geordi and diana.

i would love to be able to read minds and have digital eyes.

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Spock and picard


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I'm actually pretty comfortable being me.

And if you squished Tom Paris and Julian Bashir together? Well, that would probably be a pretty accurate approximation of me.

That said...

When I played Star Trek Online, I created a human character with silver eyes and telekinetic abilities. (I had to use the "alien" template.) I figured my character's background was such that he had been touched by the same force that eventually took hold of Gary Mitchell.

Because, you know, that would be cool...

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Data and Picard

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Hmmm. Who would I choose?

I would choose Data and Cpt. Janeway.

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Jadzia - brave strong and sassy


Tuvok - logical, family orientated, caring.

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