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Star Trek as a Animated Series - has its time come again?

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Quote: doiexist @ Mar. 18 2012, 11:41 pm


>When Clone Wars is mentioned, I admit to a sudden shudder (I hate the design graphics...a real deal breaker). This would be a serious problem for

>  If the designs are too "cartoonish", it would turn me off so much that I wouldn't be able to watch it, thus my hesitancy-based vote. It may seem a bit shallow, but no amount of good writing in the world would get me to watch it if I couldn't...well...look at it.

>  That being said, I'd be totally on-board if we got Arex and M'Ress back in the bargain.

Agreed. I really don't like Clone Wars animation, but you can't argue with success.

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