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Which TNG movie villain do you like the best?

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Created by: the bungalo bill

the bungalo bill

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My favorite is Soran.


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Soran was the only villain of the series who's motivation made any sense to me. He lost everything and found a place that [sort of] gives it all back to him so he is fueled by obsession, and you see that getting back is all that matters to him.
I never liked the idea of a Borg queen not to mention that if they want to defeat humanity just send the fleet, duh.
When it came down to it in Insurrection Ru'afo was just a spoiled brat who had a grudge against his parents.
Shinzon only made sense because he needed Picard's dna but he spent the whole movie NOT getting it, so he wasn't too bright.


My rankings only have to do with their motivations and how much I bought into it, it does not reflect which movie is my favorite. While the last 2 wanted to destroy the Federation the way they went about it was pretty dumb. I know I'll get flack for not liking the Borg plan but come on changing the past comes of as a really cliche way of defeating an enemy, at least Shinzon had a WMD to take care of them he just didn't know when to shut up and just act, he must have been a Bond villain.

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Ru'afo and Shinzon weren't very memorable, in my opinion. The Borg Queen is a close second, but I think Soran takes the cake here. From what he told Picard, he was originally a kind person who "wouldn't hurt a fly", but then the Borg came and killed his family, convincing him that good was fleeting and the every-man-for-himself approach was better. That kinda freaked me out because Star Trek is about humanity suppressing its evil qualities in favor of its good qualities, and Soran made me wonder what it would take to make people revert to their barbaric origins.

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The Borg were my favourite villain in the movies so I did vote for the Queen. However I agree that Soran was a villain I could sympathise with and Malcolm McDowell is an actor I love so he was great.

Ru'afo I liked because of F. Murray Abraham's performance.

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I have to admit, in actual villians I like Soran best for the intensity he brought to the role. Lines like "Time is the fire in which we burn" are pretty badass.

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I have to go with Soran, too. I loke the Borg Queen...her motivation was conquest, like any good villian worth their salt. Ru'afo...didn't care for him as a villian. He was okay, but to me, he was missing something. Now Shinzon...I hated this guy as a villian. He was the worst. The concept of an "evil twin" for Picard was great, IMO, but the way they brought the character out was horrible. They made him out as this whiny, dress wearin'brat. Somehow, I just couldn't see someone being raised "under the lash of Romulan guards" and a fierce warrior as a Reman being such a whiny type of guy. Even being a clone of Picard, who we know to be a peace lover at heart. In Nemesis, they had a chance to let us see a potential dark side of Picard, in regards to a type of "what if" senario that could have really been good, but they blew it. Still liked Nemesis, though.


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Soran was the shit.

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That Borg Queen is still hauntingly creepy. 

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This is a fascinating question, because the TNG villians are all fairly unremarkable.


I'd have to go with Tolian Soran. Besides the fact that Malcolm McDowell is a better actor than any of the others...this character seemed more realistic and well-developed than the others. He was more of a typical guy that was driven to do horrible things because of his experiences. He wasn't really evil...he was just driven to a level of insanity, almost like a drug addict, to get back to a state where he could find happiness again.

The second would be Shinzon. Shinzon sucks fairly bad as a villian...and is still my second choice...which tells you how bad the other two are.

The Borg Queen is third. I have to supress a gag reflex every time I get a humanized, scheming, plotting, manipulative, seductress as the leader of a race who were described by Q as being soulless and completely unintrested in human trappings like wealth, territory, or power. Nah, the Borg Queen pretty much ruined that race of bad guys for me.

Ru'affo was the worst villian of the entire film franchise. No menace, no reasonable motivation, nothing that makes a good villian. He's worse than Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies. Horrible, horrible, horrible.


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I'm all about Soran on this one, but mostly because Macolm McDowell excels at bringing something human yet sinister to the villain role.


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I am surprised to find Khan not on this list for example (I don't consider many other TOS movie antagonists to be villains in the traditional sense.) But I may be committing a sacrilege here when I say I would probably still have voted for Soran.

(Tell you why later when my headache goes away...)

That having been said, I don't know if any of the Star Trek movies has so far produced a villain on the level of say Darth Vader or some of the Star Trek TV villains that have come up.

I am going to commit one more sacrilege and say that although I like Wrath of Khan, I was not as super-impressed with it as some.

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Personally, I think Khan is WAY overrated. Okay, he's a smart villain. So were Kruge, Sybok, Chang, Soran, the Borg Queen, and even Shinzon to a degree. He seeks revenge against the protaginst. So did Shinzon. He harbors dreams of conquest and dominion over everybody else. So did Kruge, Chang, the Borg Queen, and Shinzon.

If they hadn't made a movie about him, Khan would have never been so famous.

Dukat is my favorite Trek villain, though he didn't appear in any movies.

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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>I'll sort of disagree with you there OtakuJo but I think that Khan would be regarded as the only movie villian in Star Trek.

>I'll admit hes not famous in popular culture like Darth Vader but in Star Trek circles he is memorable and makes all other villains pale into comparison.


That's okay. As I said it's just my opinion -- I tell it how I see it, and that's the way I felt about Khan (and Soran too.) And of course, unlike Vader, Khan was the villain in only one movie and an episode. And part of the reason why Vader is more iconic is that consistency over several movies.

And yes I know that Khan is regarded as the master villain of Star Trek movies -- but the question was about personal opinion, and my own personal opinion does not always run with the crowd on these matters. So while I respect your disagreement, my answer remains unchanged.

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I really like the Borg, and the Queen with Data is just giddily sinister. 

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