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20th Anniversary Box Set


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Hello all,

I'm the proud owner of the 20th Anniversary Edition of TNG and am very curious about a few things.  So, I'd like your insights.

First, although I bought mine at Deep Discount, I've read a few customer reviews at Amazon.  One in particular mentions the binding/gluing issue.  Because the jewel cases are bound by gluing, it's likely that the binding will dry out thus, resulting in a plethora of individual jewel slim cases. 

Has anyone had a poor experience with this box set?

Next , unlike the TOS booklet, the VOY case backside episoode listing or DS9 boxflap which lists the eps on a given season set, this 20th Anniversary TNG set provides no table of contents of any kind.  Thus, I need to flip through the binder of DVDs in one of the three DVD groupings and actually read the small print of each DVD.

Is there a content listing for this DVD collection that would be a bit more convenient?

Thanks in advance

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Report this Mar. 25 2012, 1:39 pm

I bought that TNG boxset about a year ago. I only noticed fairly recently that some of the DVDs were defective. So, I recently bought another. 

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I dunno! I've had my TNG boxset for about 2 years now and haven't had problems with the DVD's or anything like that. *shrug*

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