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This has been years in the making...


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I am 38 ....along with my 46 year old brother, have loved Star Trek ....when I say love, what I mean is;

We discuss every eposide (I don't list because we have watched every single Star Trek Movie/eposide that goes well into the 50's of our favorite movies/eposides, and maybe in the 20's of those which did not catch our attention much.

My brother convinced me to go to our first ST convention way back in.... I believe 95? was toward the tail end of TNG ...I remember I got to see Ms. Sirtis, Ms. Nichols,...and I am ashamed to say I am forgetting one or two people, because I had such a HUGE crush on Ms. Sirtis...( I was like only 20 at the time ) I did not notice too much else ...I think another of the original cast was there, along with another actor that participated but was not a "regular".  The convention, which I think was done by "Creative"??? but I can be wrong, I no longer do conventions, actually this was the first out of 2 and I never went to another one after the 2nd one ...which I will explain shortly.  Who ever did this Convention, it was in Michigan, and it was done so well...everyone was so friendly, and I actually got to meet Ms. Nichols, I mean meet!!!!!!!!!!!!! she spoke to me!!!!! she was so incredibly nice to me, I mean you have to understand she has done the "meeting" thing probably well into the better side of a million times, literally ...and she did not try to cut me off, or just be like - "thank you", next - she commented on my ordinary shirt, yup....I had a shirt with a Germen Shepard on the front...not advertising anything....just a picture (I happen to be a huge animal lover, but would not know it just from the shirt) ...she said something like - "Very nice shirt, do you own a Germen Shepard?" ....and I hate to say this....I stood there....she asked me such a simple question, and I could not respond.....I eventually got an answer out, but I felt so stupid after that point ...but anyways....needless to say my experience was beyond excellent, I was not only treated like royalty, I was treated like a human being.

My next convention was around the start of Voyager ...I am going to say in the 2nd/3rd season?  I should also say...I don't understand what its like to be understand what its like to only have 24 hours in a day, and yet you still have a family, children, job, fans, etc,etc,etc, ....I have a feeling words can't truly describe to us fans what its like to be a ST actor...which is why it took all the way until 2012 for me to write this, and to be honest I think people are going to jump and think I am being critical of actors, and  I AM NOT, please read this close ...I think I am being critical of us all, as a human race (which includes...well obviously, actors .....but this post is again selfish, something that has burned at me for years, and I think it might make me feel better by getting it out finally).

I was so excited to make it to this convention (again in Michigan) and it had no less than some of my favorite ST actors...Terry Farrell, Terry Farrell, Terry Farrell ...yeah, I did mention her 3 times...even named my first computer I built after her ...if you think I had a crush on Ms. Sirtis out...I was in love with Terry Farrells character on DS9 ...I don't confuse the 2, there is Terry Farrell who I think is beautiful, but that is all I know about her, then there is the character that she played, Jadzia Dax - who was the one who I just totally was in love with, it really made me want TV to be real life for the first time ever.  Ahhh, sorry for the paragraph about Ms. Farrell/Jadzia Dax .....also at the convention was Robert Picardo (sorry if my spelling is off, I am doing this from memory) and Kate Mulgrew.

The organizers of this event ....well, I am not sure how much input the actors have...I am not sure of anything in regards to how these things are put on....but my brother and I coming from the lives we did were able to do nice things once in awhile, but we had to be smart at the same time about how we spent our money.  As I recall (and this was awhile ago), you had the "standard" ticket, which is what we had, however you could get something like "a gold ticket" or something that not only promised a signature you might of been able to get a personalize breakfast or meeting with the actors ....something like that.

Well, as luck would have it, when the actors got up there and spoke the place was not sold out ...actually, I think the day before might of had someone like William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy ..which I think took the "gusto" out of the day I was there.  As the "rule" was to my recall, the first 10 rows were only if you bought a "gold ticket" brother and I were in or around the 18th row because we got there extra early because we had to have the signatures of all 3...we would of jumped through a burning hoop if needed at that point!

When Kate Mulgrew got up on stage (and please, read CLOSE...I am NOT slamming her...I am just telling events of how the unfolded) she made a very special point to say that she does not leave until EVERYONE has a signature from her, which relieved everyone because  that is why 94% of the crowd is there ...and especially that day because probably only 60% of the seats were filled. 

The actors were very smart because as one was talking to other two would be at tables to the side (in the same room however) so you could actually go wait in line, and still not miss one single thing from what the actors had to say.

So the event that really ... affected me ever going to another convention happened...people that showed up at the last minute and had seats behind my brother and I (because how the signatures would work was, they would call each aisle in order ... 1 ...2....3....4....5....etc.... and you would just go up there and get in line) ...well about 75% of ALL the people behind us literally were hoping up, moving up and taking seats well ahead of my brother and I ...this bothered me greatly, but not enough to cause a fight or bad incident, I remember what Ms. Mulgrew said about everyone getting a autograph so I remained calmed and let an increidble amount of people "line jump" ..enough people where the ogranizers could not of ignored it.  Well, you probably have figured what comes next ...all the actors had to catch a plane brother and I never got a signature, although we did get to listen to their personal stories, and funny events they shared - which was great!! ...but since then I never once returned for a convention because I felt so....disapointed in my fellow ST disappointed in the organizers ..I was a tiny bit ...disapointed with an actor, I don't want to say her name, because I really don't have all the facts, and certainly don't know the life...and basically...because I believe she is a nice person...I almost feel like I should not even be posting this because as unfair as it was to my brother and I what happened, I almost feel like its equally as unfair to put any blame on an actor...when for all I know she had a sudden emergency and had to leave...  but no matter what... I used to hold us "Trekkers" ...or "Trekkies" if there is a difference to you a much higher standard...and its very harsh to all of a sudden change ones opinion on an entire group because of something that happened with a 45 minute period ...but being a fallable human as I am, this event has unfortunatly stuck with me through the years...I still enjoy everything ST ...   but never have or will return to a convention.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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I was in a weird mood when I finally wrote my experience ... its not punishing myself at all, and since this was the first time I ever wrote about it ...its not a protest as much as I am just putting a thought out there ...such as....nice people really do seem to finish last usually...the more aggressive, no ethics type of people really do get what they want more often ....just something that crossed my mind as I was watching a ST episode and wondered if fans really do just watch the show for entertainment, or if they go more from it ...and I sorta answered my own question remembering that experience , and just happend to come along a section in these boards where people could post random thoughts.....  pretty far from a protest, more that I am sad in the direction I think civilization is heading toward ...and god no, I am not basing such a thought strictly on that convention experience, just sorta applied that day when I wrote this post.



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The first convention you attended with Ms. Nichols was likely a Creation Entertainment convention.  They still run "official" cons today.  I was a convention newbie once, too, and I have my fair share of dumb things I said and did.  It happens to all of us when we first encounter an Icon and are awed by them.

I don't know who ran your last convention, but I can tell you that there have been several convention companies that have gone out of business within the last ten years, including one that operated in the Midwest around the time you specified in your post. That one was notorious for autograph and appearance snafus.  But, again, have no idea which company ran it. 

Sorry to hear your experience wasn't so great.  The convention organizers should have stopped the line and seat jumping but sometimes that's easier said than done.  We would like to think that fellow Star Trek fans would be unselfish and fair, but people are people regardless of their fandom.  It is likely that Ms. Mulgrew had good intentions, as I understand that she is a gracious signer, but it sounds like the autograph line got out of hand.  Attendees may have caused delays by asking additional questions in line or asking to take photos with her, etc, that caused her to cut close her schedule. 

If it means anything, she is schedule to be at conventions in Las Vegas and Chicago this August.  You might try it again.  Although conventions now have autograph fees separate from admission fees.  That's just the way it is now.

I've had my own positive and negative convention experiences.  Some of them had nothing to do with the actors attending; some of them did.  It's easy to let your whole experience be soured by one bad incident.  Not every Trek fan attends conventions, though, so I'm glad you still enjoy the Trek universe even if conventions are not quite your thing.  :)

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I love that line about "way back in 1995..."

I've been to Star Trek Lives with Gene Roddenberry WAY BACK in 1975 and my first convention was WAY BACK in '76 in Boston, Only the Third con EVER, or maybe the fourth....

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