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Honestly, which series has the best theme song? (Just because a series may be your fave, maybe another had the best song..)

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Created by: Vulcan1981


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Voyager, definitely! Although Voyager itself is second-to-last on my list of favorite series... just before Enterprise. But it captures both the adventure and the idea of the vast unknown... and also a slight and understated sense of maybe fear or anxiousness that goes along with that. And the visuals are awesome!

DS9 and TNG are a tie... Stewart's handsome voice in TNG is great, and it has a certain gusto to it that is great! And DS9s I liked better before they changed it, it was both powerful and delicate at the same time... but I think the slight changes fitted the series better as the plots evolved.

I can't take TOS seriously... it's more humorous than anything else. I'll fastforward through it if I can.

And I HATE the Enterprise song! Although I like the visuals that goes along with it...


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I bet if people knew that the TOS theme actually has words (even though you never hear them), they wouldn't write it off so fast.

I totally fell in love with the Enterprise theme song. By the second episode I watched I was singing along with it. I've only watched 12 episodes so far, but I've already memorised the words and I'm singing it all the time now.


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Quote: the bungalo bill @ Jan. 07 2012, 11:49 am


>DS9 is my favorite series, but the theme is kind of boring.



Really? Wow, I thought most Trekkers loved DS9's theme the most..

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Although I really love the Voyager theme. I think TNG is the best it really became a staple in all the series. I think of that theme as The Star Trek theme in general over the TOS theme

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TNG's theme song is the best.  It sounds the most epic and grand, and it always puts me in the mood for adventure.


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Quote: Vulcan1981 @ Jan. 11 2012, 12:35 am

Quote: the bungalo bill @ Jan. 07 2012, 11:49 am



>DS9 is my favorite series, but the theme is kind of boring.



Really? Wow, I thought most Trekkers loved DS9's theme the most..

I think it has a very different theme to the original series and Next Gen. And that speaks well for the DS9 theme.

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To just think that Trekdom found its way into my 20-year old 'Covers Project' is pretty cool.  It started with Tim Russ' music.  Then to discover that ENT's theme is a cover of the Rod Stewart track from 'Patch Adams' was fascinating!

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I loved voy but ent theme song is my favourite! However its positive upbeat tempo and lyrics didnt fitthe dark tone in the show. I thought ent was darker than people say ds9 is. I mean when the sphere kills off 900 000 (something) people in earth and then he starts singing that song. Mood killer! 


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DS 9 is the best with its video.

TOS is great love it on my motorcycles ipod.

TNG is great as well.

Voy is ok

Ent 's is the worst .


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Voyager - Although I'm not a fan of the series, I do love the theme.

Enterprise - Yes, I actually like the Enterprise theme. At first I didn't, but it's grown on me quite a bit.

TNG - Slightly better than TOS.

TOS - Still awesome, but obviously most of the other themes were better. Giacchino's take on the theme from Star Trek 2009 is awesome, though, and if we were talking movies, it would rank number one on my list.

DS9 - I love the trumpet, but it's too slow. There's too much emptiness in the theme. I don't know, maybe it's the lack of strings. I'm a violinist, so I might be biased.

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