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Star Trek: Predator Vs Aliens

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Ok the plot of the game is that Your ship receives a destress call from a space station near the Romulan boarder. Your ship a Nova-Class starship comes in a docks. When the captian hails the station, there is no responese. So he orders a hazard team to investage the station. Inside you see that there is no one there and there are a few Romulan and Federation corpses hanging upside down around the station. So you mission is to investage what happen in the station and who is behind it. but Little do you know is that there is a secret war brewing in the station.

The gameplay is like a freeroam. You can travel around the station fighting the Aliens and the Predator or go inside your ship and relax and talk to the crewmembers.

You can also play as the predator. In the predator playthrough. You can hunt and stalk the aliens and the Federation alike. Despite the federation having higher tecnology, you can use it to you advantage. As you progress you find out the Federation's dark secret and what they are doing with the Alien queens.


what do you think.

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