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Reinterpretation of the MACO


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For a Halloween / Cosplay costume, I have reinterpreted the MACO as returning during the Dominion Wars, and then gaining support through the Borg invasion, and then finding a major niche during the “cold war” atmosphere with the emergence of the Typhoon Pact.

I see them as the clandestine arm of Starfleet, (i.e. the SEAL Teams of present.).


I like to think that Starfleet would be looking for a clandestine special forces team for top secret infiltration, espionage, and sabotage operations during the Dominion wars, and would answer to and operate under Section 31, Much like The present day SEAL Team 6 answers to and operates for the CIA.


As to come up with a name that would benefit the prestige of a team of this type, the name of the United Earths first military team to operate in deep space was adopted. The added benefit to this would be that if any word of the team were to leak, it would simply be assumed, (or implied) that it was merely a reference to historical event, and not a present operation.


As this team would officially be nonexistent, the teams would only operate on tactical ships, (i.e. the Seals on submarines). So for me it made perfect sense that a team would be placed on one of the first solely tactical vessels in Starfleet. The wording on the unit patch is Latin for “the tip of three blades” in reference to the Prometheus multi-vector capability


As part of this ideal, I implied that the MACO would not carry standard Starfleet weapons and equipment, (no boomerang phasers and phaser rifles), but would carry a more mission specific, and easily deniable, equipment. This had the added benefit of giving me quite a bit of freedom in choosing a more aggressive set of weapons and equipment.


My load out kit, consists of a digital gray, rust, black, and white camo jump suit, with matching hard shell backpack, A black and gray carbine style rifle, a black side arm, a black tactical tricorder, and gray grenades.


I would love to hear any thoughts, ideas, or existing reverences to my idea. I will be posting more photos as the project progresses.


Again I welcome feed back.


Scott Adams

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Lieutenant Naysmith

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From the little I know, they sound more like Marines to me.


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Quote: cowgirlcadet @ Jan. 12 2012, 9:46 pm


>From the little I know, they sound more like Marines to me.

You'd be correct.

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Wile normally I would agree and that was my initial idea, but I then found the the idea of the “Starfleet Marine” is widely excepted (post DS9), as being created for specifically military actions, there for I decided to go a step further and take the M.A.C.O's to the next level.

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As for ENT the MACOs had a special training facility on Jupiter Station, military personal. I rather imagine this SEAL alike team in even though a DS9 style.

Dolph Doorbrick

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I remember in one book from Shatner that had Picard, Crusher and a group of Starfleet marines pitted againest the Borg.  I believe that if Star Trek is going to have combat missions they should have combat personnel.  I understand the exploration bent of the show, but I don't think that our future generations would risk everything so as not to have what they need.  You have to have peacemakers and peacekeepers.

Dolph Doorbrick

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The Defiant or Intrepid classes would be perfect transports because of their landing capabilities.  Perfect forward bases.

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