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Mirror Universe Books


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I've read The Sorrows of Empire and Rise Like Lions.  What other books should I read to complete this particular line of books about the mirror universe?

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Here's the quick rundown of books in the current Mirror Universe continuity, in order:

Star Trek Mirror Universe: Glass Empires (anthology; contains 3 short novels, including the original version of The Sorrows of Empire); read the first story in this book, then the standalone novel version of The Sorrows of Empire, then the third story in the anthology)

Star Trek Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances (anthology; contains 3 short novels; read these in order)

Star Trek Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows (anthology; contains a dozen or so short stories; read them in order; some take place in the 22nd century, some the 23rd, some in the 24th, after the events of the previous anthology. Read the last story in this anthology, "For Want of a Nail," only after you read the following three novels:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Warpath

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Fearful Symmetry

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — The Soul Key

Then the most recent (and possibly last) book in the current Mirror Universe continuity is:

Star Trek Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions

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