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Who is your favorite guest star?

Momo Spock

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Leonard Nimoy in Unification Parts 1&2 as Spock well again more like

What! what is this?! *smash* - Spock

the bungalo bill

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Terry O'Quinn hasn't been said.



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I liked seeing James Cromwell and listening to Guinan - she said many wise things (to Worf, Picard, Tasha ...)

And of course the legends - Leonard Nimoy, DeForrest Kelley, James Doohan also S. Hawking. It was so exciting for me to see them in TNG!

Q annoyed me every time. He wanted to play because he was bored. But OK, in some way, TNG would not be complete without him, I must admit


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John de Lancie (Q) for sure!!!


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John de Lancie was incredible, especially in Deja Q... I also enjoy all episodes with Majel.
From those who appeared once: I think there could be no better person than Hallie Todd to be cast as Lal. I also liked Michele Scarabelli as Jenna D'Sora. She was so beautiful! And her acting was really convinving


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Hawking for sure. Playing poker with Einstein, Newton and Data??


A Pure Classic.


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I met the most of star trek actors until now. The best for me is Terry Farrel because she's wearing our LSTM t-shirt at the Fedcon convention 2010 in Germany after visit our model exhibition - great !


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Relics with Scotty always makes me smile. But as someone said earlier in the post Jean Simmons as Adm. Satie in the Drumhead was a good episode.

Are you sure it isn't time for a colorful metaphor?


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Deforrest and Goldberg and Doohan. So much humanity in those charecters. It was so cool to see Bones walking the corridors of NCC-1701D.  I loved Scotty feeling like he was left out, such a great metaphoric play on aging.

Honestly, I can't think of a guest star I didn't like. 

Jonny 1996

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Stephen Hawking


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Mark Lenard as Sarek gets my vote since all the other TOS actors were mentioned already.

Jonny 1996

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His real name is Daniel Ronald Cox, called "Ronny" Cox


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I always liked Robert O'reily as Gowron.

Those crazy Klingon eyes!


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Majel Barrett. Gotta love Lwaxanna!! Majel is the queen/first lady of Star Trek!

I was also suprised by Corbin Bernsen in Deja Q. I know him from Psych (awesome show, by the way!), so seeing Henry 25 years earlier playing a quirky Q was kinda weird and yet awesome.

"It's a primitive culture." -Counselor Troi


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Ronny Cox as Captain Jellico was my favorite guest star.

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