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Seeing DS9 for the first time


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Quote: worfsbum @ Sep. 06 2012, 7:31 pm


>I was wondering if there were official star trek canon books you would recommend.

>Some people have criticized a lot of Star Trek books to be absolute rubbish or "non canon." How do you know which books are reliable?

I heard the new Romulan war books were OK but I have no way of knowing if they are considered "canonical"


Books fall under the category of "licensed canon", or "apocrypha". They aren't officially canon like the movies and episodes. That goes for all of them, as far as I know.

As for whether they're "good" or not, I have no idea. I've never read a single novel yet, though I'm planning to.

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Hey Mitch,

Thanks for responding.
I hear from many boards that "A Stitch In Time" is a hard Star Trek book to top. Plus, it was written by Garak's character. He was my favorite character on DS9, so I'm glad they wrote a continuing book about his life. (Haven't read it yet though.)

David Mack's trilogy has had some high praises too.
I'm just curious if the Romulan War series (i think it's new?) is good?

There are TONS of star trek books. I'm not into TOS books.
And there are tons of TNG books also.
I'm wondering if there are a couple authors that star trek fans always buy from?
Maybe people could list their top ten Star Trek novels? That way I can see if the authors names are somewhat consistent.

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Startrek next generation:I,Q (it is all obought Q, data, and Picard) It's very good and funny!

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Hey Wolfsburn; I've read a TON of ST books and many are just what you'd expect. Well written trash (not that there's anything wrong with that). But lately, there seems to be a concerted effort to unify all the storylines into a cohesive whole, which is very gratifying. 

I've read dozens of TOS books, some TNG books, and have recently found a cache of DS9 books that I've enjoyed hugely. I've only just started reading VOY books, and they seem interesting. 

But the "relaunch" books have been downright spectacular! They all start from the end of the Dominion War and/or the return of Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant; and then.... things blow up! You're already reading the "Destiny Trilogy", so next should be the "Typhon Pact" books (there are 5 or 6), then the VOY books by Kirsten Beyer(?sp). 

Oh, I forgot to mention "Worlds Of Star Trek-DS9" which sets up quite a bit of what follows after the Dom.,War. They follow the fate of Grand Nagus Rom, the Founders, the Origin of Trill Symbiotes, and the genetic problems on Andoria.

For good reading before all of this; you really should read the "Vanguard" books set in TOS time. And the "Romulan War" books from Archer's ENT. (Start with "The Good That Men Do", to help erase the memory of ENTs lousy last episode!)

Also any TOS book written by Diane Duane, is worth reading. and I recomend "The Lives of Dax" if you liked the character at all. 

That ought to do for a start.

And I missed then, but could anyone give me the lowdown on the "Star Trek - Klingon" books that came out a few years back?


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Quote: worfsbum @ Sep. 06 2012, 7:31 pm


>Hey Jim and or Logan (or anyone else who can help)

>I know the thread is done, but didn't know how else to contact you guys.
I have the trilogy you recommended (Star Trek Destiny by David Mack.) I've finished the first book so far and will move on to the other two soon. I'm enjoying it.
I also managed to find "A Stitch in Time" by Garak's character.

>I was wondering if there were official star trek canon books you would recommend.
Some people have criticized a lot of Star Trek books to be absolute rubbish or "non canon." How do you know which books are reliable?

I heard the new Romulan war books were OK but I have no way of knowing if they are considered "canonical"

>Would appreciate some insight!! Or more book recommendations! thanks so much.



I am reading the Typhon Pact books and am not impressed at all with them.  Paths of Disharmony was a complete dud.

Other than the Destiny Trilogy the only other set of Trek books that had me captivated were the Enterprise books; The Good That Men Do, The Romulan War and Brave the Storm.

Other than that, the only other books I liked are the Star Trek Titan books.  They are ok.


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Hi all! I have to agree that A Stitch in Time is a good book, read it twice myself so far, definetely love to read more about Garak.

Some good series books I thought were The Q Continuum series and The Eugenics Wars series.

Other books I would grade as pretty good are Best Destiny, Imzadi, and I, Q. 

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Hey guys,

Thanks for all your replies.
I will have to check out the Romulan War books then. Thanks for that.
So, Typhon Pact series is a no? Good to know... But the Titan series is good?



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Western meets Soap opera in space meets star trek.




The characters on this show are definitely the most well developed and realistic (both in the feel of their actions, the real sense of culture, and that one felt there were people in jobs, not "let’s see what type of [list job title here] caricature or breaking that mold we can do); the interpersonal relationships of the people on the show are by far the most important than in any other show, save for perhaps Enterprise before the military got involved (especially with that guy having hot Asian sex and the Vulcan being proficient at cock teasing); in this show its not uniforms its people, and its politics and it’s what define people, it’s not "I'm here to do this job, and what would it be like to do this job in the whatever century a show is set in", or in the original show "we are doing a play for your enjoyment and at the end we will tell you the moral of the tale, in a sort of 'I am only a naval officer sent out here to these islands, I didn't really mean to do whatever I did to you nice people, if only I’d not had to follow my orders I could had done THIS but I spent the whole show saying the opposite of that because yes the writers of the show are liberal but it’s the cold war.".


DS9 is a look at real people and how they react in real situations.

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You raised some interesting points Jim. Echoed some of my feelings when it comes to connecting with the characters of shows after TNG.


Personally I think the studio struggled with running 2 shows at the same time. When TNG completed it's 7 year run the writing and production value of DS9 shot up. (The start of DS9 series 3).


I think the same could be said for Voyager once DS9 completed it's 7 years. 

Hope you become, as I have, a big fan of DS9. To be honest, you can take or leave it's first 2 seasons, but from season 3 onwards (once they got the Defiant) the show became magnificent!

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worfsburn, obviously I haven't checked up on this thread in a while, so I didn't see your request for feedback on books until now

My favorite Star Trek writer right now is Christopher L. Bennett.  He’s very detailed and thought-out and thought-provoking.  I also really like Kirsten Beyer.  I found Peter David's work really fun and enjoyable back in the (New Frontier books 1-11) day, but now I just find his new work silly.  Other good ones are Dayton Ward, James Swallow, David Mack, and Keith R. A. DeCandido (KRAD).

I have enjoyed the recent continuity in Typhon Pact, but it's pretty deep stuff and I can see how some get disillusioned by it all.  Not really fun, uplifting Star Trek.

Other books I would recommend that haven’t been mentioned here yet:  Watching the Clock, Forgotten History, Spock’s World, The Buried Age, Reunion, Federation, String Theory, Red Sector, The Never-Ending Sacrifice, Errand of Vengeance, Errand of Fury, The Janus Gate, Prime Directive, The Lost Years, Mosaic, Pathways, The Eugenics Wars (1&2), and [though not really a Star Trek book] Night of the Living Trekkies

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