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Some of my favorite movies have terrific musical scores.  For instance, For Love of the Game is a decent movie but the music is absolutely brilliant.

So, how would you rate music from the Star Trek movies?  Some are fantastic and I have them on my ipod.

Here is how I rate them...

1 - Star Trek've got to give them credit for the new Str Trek theme used by TNG

2 - First Contact

3 - Insurrection...this music captured the feel of the movie perfectly

4 - Generations

5 - Undiscovered Country...the music sounded "suspenseful"

6 - Wrath of Khan

7 - Search for Spock

The rest didn't really do a good job of developing a noticebale and applicable musical theme.  Nemesis, Final Frontier, Voyage Home and XI failed in the music department.

On a side note, the theme from TNG Inner Light is special.  TNG Best of Both Worlds and Where No One Has Gone before also have very good music.



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I really enjoyed the new movies soundtrack. They did a fantastic job of taking TNG's music and modernizing it. You could still hear the original simplicit and interesting notes of TNG, while also adding a new level of depth to the music.

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I really liked the music to Insurrection.


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1 - The Undiscovered Country - arguably the darkest music in Trek history. I know Trek isn't supposed to be dark, but still. Way to go, Cliff!

2 - Nemesis - my favorite music here was "Final Flight", which played during the scene where Picard was fighting Shinzon on the Scimitar toward the end of the movie. I have it on my iPod.

3 - Generations - a very noble-sounding peice, that almost makes up for them killing Captain Kirk.

4 - The Motion Picture - best incarnation of the song by far. The TNG version sounds too exciting; should be more majestic.

5 - Star Trek (2009) - both majestic and exciting...very well done.

6 - The Wrath of Khan - nice peice that sounds both majestic and unnerving, very appropriate for the movie.

7 - First Contact - sounds great; emphasizes the significance of the ending.

8 - The Search for Spock - a bit similar to WOK but still a nice song.

9 - Insurrection - calm, peaceful, very pretty. Appropriate but still not the best track in my opinion.

10 - The Voyage Home - very different from the others. About on par with the TNG music - too exciting, not majestic enough. Of course, TVH has a very different tone from the others so I guess it's appropriate.

11 - Final Frontier - nothing new. Just TNG music and the Klingon theme.

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1. TMP: Set the standard for Star Trek musical scores. The rousing and timeless opening theme, the use of the blaster beam for V'Ger's various moods and stages, the "Ilia Theme"'s one of the best soundracks ever. The Klingon Attack theme set the tone for an entire franchise and it's take on the Klingon race.

2. TFF: An offshoot of the work done on TMP. The majesty and intimacy of The Mountain theme gets me every time. The 4-note motif for Sybok and the 5 note motif for Sha Ka Ree resonate at appropriate times throughout the film. "The Barrier" and "A Busy Man" are two of my favorite pieces in the entire franchise.

3. TWOK: James Horner's nautical take on Star Trek was perfect for this film. The Khan theme (Sneak Attack) is one of the most memorable in the franchise.

4. 2009: This is a very different, yet effective Star Trek soundtrack. The primary theme is grand and moving, while the music during Kirk's birth adds the significant emotional punch.

5. FC: The primary theme for FC is among my favorites in all of Star Trek. The rest of the music is fairly average, but that opening theme and the variations of it used throughout the film carry this body of work.

6. TSFS: This is pretty much a variation of the TWOK soundtrack, which worked because these films are so closely linked. I am not a fan of the opening theme (borrowed from the closing credits of TWOK, but a meandering, kind of aimless piece of music), but the Klingon theme rivals the TMP one.

7. TUC: This was a nice attempt at something moody and alien, but it just didn't work for me. Even the primary theme (used in the closing credits) seemed kind of generic.

8. GEN: Although scored by a TV music writer, the GEN soundtrack had some very good stuff in it. The Nexus theme has a grand sense of wonder to it. The main theme is very Trek, while being "new" at the same time.

9. NEM: The music from NEM is largely forgettable.

10. INS: But not as forgettable as the music from INS. I think Goldsmith had mailed it in at this point.

11.TVH: Sounds like something you'd see in a bad fan-made video. Awful.


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The Wrath of Khan

First Contact

Final Flight from Nemesis



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I'm a big fan of Jerry Goldsmith and his score for TMP is one of the finest ever done.  Its just an amazing score. Insurrection is really good too. James Horner's scores for TWOK and TSFS are also great.


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TWOK has my favorite trek music.  I think that soundtrack sounds the grandest and most epic of all the trek films.

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Michael Giacchino End credits



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Any score by Jerry Goldsmith tops my list. But James Horner's score for Wrath Of Kahn was brilliant. I'm just a sap though I have all the scores on my Ipod and love them all. 2009's was the worst so far though.

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Or I should say least favorite score was 2009's

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As far as I can remember none of them are up to much, i don't really like big bombastic film scores

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I enjoyed all of the various movie soundtracks, but to pick my favorite, which is probably a shocker to most, would be...Star Trek V: The Final Frontier!

The soundtrack is what made the movie for me. Something about the campiness and atmosphere of the music just fit with the bonding of Kirk, Spock and Bones camping out on shoreleave thrown in with Sybok's maddening quest for the ultimate endeavour of discovering God.  I actually thought the music really made the best of a good story line, but ultimately, a widely-considered below-average final product for a star trek movie.

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I love the Star Trek IV soundtrack the best even though I'm sure I'm in the minority, mainly the main theme they used, it is my favorite.

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Star Trek TMP and TWOK

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