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Are there any good star trek games for X BOX?

Jim Kirk

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I recently picked up an X Box and was wondering if there are any good games available fro it.  I have Star Trek Conquest for the Wii and I do not like it (I feel its boring and the ships are to hard to control).


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I like Star Trek Legacy for Xbox 360.  It's not the best game, but I think it's fun.  If you're looking for straight forward ship combat it's worth checking out.  Used copies are pretty easy to find, especially on Amazon.


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Star Trek Legacy has basically the same space combat as Star Trek Conquest and Star Trek Encounters though, very arcadey on a 2D plane (with the ability to move slightly up or down) instead of real 3D. Star Trek Online has the same issue to some extent, I just find it weird that more than 25 years after the release of Elite, 20 years after Wing Commander and 15 years after Freespace, I-War, Battlecruiser 3000AD and even Star Trek: Bridge Commander that something that resembles a space shooter so much fails that much in conveying the feeling of space - both the vastness and the fact that there is no up or down to care about there.

The 360 version of Legacy isn't terrible though, but stay as far away from the PC version as possible, I don't think they ever made that version work.

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