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Who thinks Kate Mulgrew is Glamorous and would rather see her on the TV screen than Jeri Ryan!!:D

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Seven!  No contest!

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Janeway/Mulgrew! There is more than being beautiful on the outside, personality really does it's trick. Janeway is not a typical beauty but how she is and acts make her sexier than anyone on the show.


So I like Mulgrew on shows today, but mostly on Warehouse 13, where she still plays a character with some authority. It suits her. When she was younger and on MrsColumbo or that movie with Pierce Brosnan, and Ryans Hope, she is more beautiful on the outside perhaps but so weak and has no power at all as those characters so she is not sexy at all as young and innocent and weak (imo).



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You must be gay, Jeri Ryan is def hotter. Mulgrew, does look good for her age, but Jeri Ryan is smoking.


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Always Janeway for me, I liked them both a lot, but Kate is , oh I don't know, I just love her acting

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Well this is kinda hard for me because Captain Janeway is my favorite character, but I don't care for Kate Mulgrew. She's not that great of an actress and I don't believe in anything she stands for. On the other hand, Seven is an ok character, not the best, not the worst, but Jeri Ryan is my favorite actress. She's extremely talented (Watch Infinite Regress and Body and Soul if you don't believe me), gorgeous (She's 41 years old and looks as good as she did 15 years ago) and she has the same beliefs as I do. So I have a hard time making this decision.

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I Love the entire crew of Voyager! included the Female Captain

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My answer is Janeway, I would trust her with my life if she were my Captain!

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Captain Janeway hands down I don't like Jeri Ryan

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Ryan is in her prime, why fool yourself, huh? She probably still can have babies fine as she is. She's pretty and gorgeous. Janeway is more sophisticated and refined perhaps with Seven close behind. Real guys don't fool themselves when it comes down to females producing regidity. Ryan's biggest assets is her femininity and comfortability relating to men. She's built-in viagra.  


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The Klingon B-Elana is one fine fox too with her femininity, she's a natural beauty. The slim trim Dr Beverly Crusher ain't bad either. Its a pleasure to watch the girls spike up STAR TREK making it worth watching. Then you have the ultra sexy Ensign Ro with her very aggressive self, she's a thrill to observe her flirt. Ro is a rare breed on STAR TREK


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Both great, but I think Jeri Ryan was the best thing to hit the Trek universe since the Klingons. Yeah, I think she's THAT good. 

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Jeri Ryan.  That is all.

I've been meaning to watch more 'body of proof', but I never got around to it.


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Even though Seven of Nine set women's rights back 400 years by having to parade around in that skin tight outfit, it was nice eye candy. A shameless attempt to increase ratings. Jeri Ryan was definitely good looking, though the character isn't that attractive in her personality.

Honestly I never understood the attraction people have to Janeway. She looks pretty good for her age, but just has a voice that sounds like iron grating over a rock. Or maybe just a voice that has smoked too many cigarettes over a lifetime. But whatever suits people.

I'd say Kes was the cutest one on Voyager really... if you can get over the fact that she's three years old anyways.

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