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Which planet’s form of population control angers you more?

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Created by: Matthias Russell


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In all seriousness though I think the situation in Half a Life had more to do with "dignity" than with population control. There was no mention of overpopulation on Kaelon II.

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Matthias Russell

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There was.  The scientist mentions the execution at 60 was due to a time when they had issues with over population so it was decided to kill the old to make room for the young.


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Quote: Matthias Russell @ Dec. 23 2011, 1:50 pm

>Plague is part if the natural order? Perhaps we should eliminate health care? No need to kill the population or find ways to eliminate the weaker, just colonize like treknoir said. Same for three people of Kaelon. Just because your planet is home or sacred doesn't mean you can't colonize nearby planets where they can visit.

Yes, death and disease are natural.

I don't believe my brother was making any suggestuons or commentary regarding real life, just addressing the Gideon culture, which is, as far as I know, fictional. I can tell you that he, as well as I, belives that suicide should not be illegal after a certain age. I like the idea of Hurling Day, from the old Dinosaurs series!

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