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Are there any Insurrection fans here?


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As far as Trek movies go, JJ-Trek, TMP and TFF were the weakest (all for different reasons).  That being said, the worst Trek movie ever envisioned would still be worlds above the typical Hollywood competition.  That being said, Insurrection is definitely near the top of my list along with First Contact, TWOK, and TVH.  I do prefer my Trek to be story-based.  If I wanted pure action with no intelligent thought involved, I'd watch JJ-Trek or Star Wars.


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I can't say I really cared for Insurrection. It's a shame too, because all the elements to make it a good movie were there. They just were so poorly thrown together that the movie just flopped in my eyes.

So you have the Baku. Obviously they're supposed to be the victims of ethnic cleansing/forced relocation. You could substitute any such group like the American Indians, Albanians, Kurds, etc for the role and draw a parallel. This isn't a bad thing by any means. But the movie makes the Baku so unlikable I found it hard to sympathize with them. "When you make a machine to do the work of man, you something away from the man." What's that even mean? It certainly didn't stop them from having a working forge, building a dam, irrigating their fields. This is all technology too. Did that take anything away from them? It saves time, unless they want to be spending all day hauling buckets of water from the river to the field. Plus, do they even once consider giving up their immortality so the medical technology can help billions? No, they even exile the Sona which is pretty much the equivilent of a death sentence to an immortal race. These people just think they're entitled and anyone who disagrees can F off, basically.

The Sona were an interesting race. I liked the concept of having conquered subject races. This is rarely shown, even though the Klingons are states to have several subject worlds. And the alliance between them and the Federation interesting.  But the two characters who we see for any amount of time just fall into cliche rolls. One is evil, the other has a working conscience.

Picard's speech about how many people does it take to become wrong was powerful and Stewart does a great job there as always. But everyone just goes along with it? That didn't make much sense to me. Crusher should be thinking about all the people she could have saved with this medical technology. Geordi arguing how many people, people like him, that could overcome previous disabilities. Troi should be empthazing with the Baku and their turmoil. Worf should be not liking that Picard is disobeying orders. Data would support Picard because of his ethical programming. Even though that's a weird ethical program that makes him go crazy and attack everything in sight. Riker could be stating how much this technology would help in the Dominion War which is going on right now.

These conflicting opinions would have made a powerful dramatic scene and you could even have Picard leave the dissenters on the Enterprise to send their comm message and be placed in the position of helping the Sona when they send their ships or not. Plus the corrupt Admiral guy(isn't that a Starfleet cliche?) didn't even consider having Picard ask the Baku to go along with it for the sake of billions. What would be lost by that? If they say no, he and the Sona start the transporter tagging anyways, if yes crisis averted.

And the behavior of the crew was just a bit over the top. Riker and Troi acting like teenagers, Picard doing the Tango by himself, and poor Worf having to be the brunt of all the jokes. A few funny lines don't really compensate for this.

The premise of the story had promise and all the pieces were there to tell a powerful story and one that would compelling and dramatic. Instead the story just muddles along, a few action scenes are nice, a forced romance, and finally an unsatisfying resolution? What happens to the Sona? Remember it was said they had deteroated too much for the planet to naturally save them? Guess they all die, even the ones who came back. No wonder they later sided with the Dominion.

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