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Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, or Undiscovered Country?

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Created by: originalseriestrekkie


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Actually it's a pretty close call between The Wrath of Kahn and The Voyage Home, but when pressed to choose, I have to say The Voyage Home. I mean, seriously, how often do you get to see Spock smile?


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I love The Voyage Home! It's just so much fun to watch and it makes me happy. However, it's closely followed by The Wrath of Khan.

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Wrath of Kahn hands down

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Wrath of Kahn - great film

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Undiscovered country in my second favorite Trek film though. I really like the Nicholas Meyer films and wish that he did more. I wish he had done more films period.

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TVH was a fun movie, if preachy. I love TUC because it's a good story with great effect (plus you get to see more of the crew, the people who really make a starship run), and the more nautical feel of the movie. TWOK is pure classic Trek.


It's a tough choice, but I'd say TWOK by a (very slim) nose.


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Clearly the three best of the best Star Trek Films ever that easily trump every thing since their making...

mmm...Wrath of Khan is clearly the best Trek of these choices., but the other two films are equally strong in their own rights.


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I can't understand Khan the way they put it with the movie and the episode. Robot Chicken did an opera version of it, and even though it's in Italian, I understand it more than the movie. I've only seen The Undiscovered Country once, and I don't remember what it's about, although, if I remember correctly, that's the one with Worf's grandfather in it. The Voyage Home is just FUNNY!

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The Voyage Home is my favorite movie all Star Trek. With those other 2 still in the top 5.

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I prefer 4 the most. I like the tone of the movie, plus is holds a special place as the first Star Trek movie I remember every bit of in the theater. I was 4 when 3 came out so I don't remember it too well, though I do remember waking up near then end.

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for me easily undiscoverd country the graphics were awesome and i found the voyage home dull. however wrath of khan is freakiung awesome too!


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Followed closely by TVH.



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For me, it's gotta be The Voyage Home. It's just goofy and funny. I love it.  Perfect movie to watch when you're feeling blue.

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I can't pick a favorite movie........I like the original and Next Generation series the best but Voyager is cool and Scott Bakula  Enterprise is also good..... BTW can I take my quiz over again...I got ensign...I skipped 3 questions......I would proudly wear a starfleet uniform to work....if I was in the computer gaming industry!!!!




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Well for me my favorite is the undiscovered country because it's the last movie they all did together

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