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Why San Fran?

Matthias Russell

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When do you see the moon or Mars used in military action?  I remember a Mars perimeter being mentioned but at times Mars is on the opposite side of the sun where it would make a terrible place to defend the Earth. It would be like defending DC from San Fran.  And I don't think the moon or Mars are less defendable.  In fact they would be more so because you could better position fleets to defend it and those locations would be more isolated from civilian populated areas that you find on class-M planets.


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I guess I never really thought about it.  Why not San Francisco?  In Star Trek, Earth is so "small" that it doesn't really matter where the HQ is.  Sisko beamed from San Fran to New Orleans every night for dinner while he was in the academy, so it's not like HQ needed to be in any particular city.  It could also be asked by the Federation president's office in Paris?  Paris is as good a place as any, I guess.


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Becaude if it wasn't in San Francisco they couldn't have had that awesome scene in The Voyage Home where Kirk& Co. fly their, um, confiscated, Klingon Bird of Prey under the Golden Gate Bridge.


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>Maybe I'm just not as big a trekkie as I thought, but I still don't know why San Francisco was chosen as the site of Starfleet Headquarters and the academy, especially when first contact was made in Montana? I'm sure I could've dug around for this a bit more, but I'm feeling lazy haha. Also, are there any other Earth sites you would choose to place Starfleet?


They had the best looking sewage treatment plant


Good one!


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Quote: Matthias Russell @ Dec. 16 2011, 8:27 am


>San Fran makes sense for a few reasons.  Star Trek was created in California.  Californians think they are the center of the galaxy (as do New Yorkers) so of course they picked a California site. 

>Humans are the centerpiece of the UFP as it was humans who united the other species and brokered peace between the other founding worlds.  So that brings you to Earth. 

>A good point was made about the naval tradition of San Fran, which makes sense.  I suppose Norfolk, VA, Pennsacola, FL, or Mojave, CA make equal sense.  But lets remember Starfleet integrates a variety of cultures, races, and organisms.  What city is best known for its openness and acceptance of difference cultures and lifestyles?  San Francisco.

 San Deigo is the california naval base the San Fransico government hates the militray.

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