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Picard fans: Do you drink tea?

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Created by: Pooneil


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This stuff:

I do believe that children drink it sometimes without, since it only says "most often", any herbal 'infusion'. 

But like I said, I detest actual that would make sense if it's only described as tea as far as the name of it and nothing more.


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I love Ice tea!   I love green tea sobe drink, and lipton tea  and i like to drink hot tea with honey 


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hot tea and honey is a great temporary relief when feeling icky.

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Report this Apr. 08 2012, 10:14 pm earl grey. tis mine and my sister's favorite



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I forgot to add I also like green tea, chamomile, rasberry tea, wild berry tea, and earl grey. I also love to have tea parties. Who wants to have a tea party?



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Just to update, since I have not posted here in over a year. . . I am now an avid tea drinker. I cannot say I have a particular favorite at the moment but I drink almost anything. I have even replaced sugary instant lemonade with iced tea during the day for a snack. Yummeh.


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Since Picard is a tea lover why doesn't he host any tea parties at 10 Forward? IK I would if were him lol


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It looks so cool and sophisticated to drink tea.  You'd think that all the intellectuals that admire drink tea, but I can't stand the stuff.  And I love picard.  And I definitely don't like Earl Grey.

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I prefer Earl Grey (liked it before Picard!) and Oolong teas, myself.

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I can't seem to bring myself to drink anything but tea when watching TNG. It's a habit I've developed.

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I drink only earl grey and darjeeling.

My opinion is that this are the best tea-sorts I know.


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PG Tips: it looks like a Kleenex box, but those are actually teabags inside.

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