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Patrick Stewart in A Christmas Carol


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I am watching Patrick Stewart's Version of A Christmas Carol. It is great fun to pretend that Picard is on the Holodeck portraying Scrooge.


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I love this version. I have it on tape but I can't find that tape right now-plus it's getting a bit worn so I need to retape it, along with "The History of Christmas" grom the History Channel

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I haven't seen it - can't afford cable.

Is it available to purchase?

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If you ever get a chance to watch Sir Patrick in his one man stage production of the story, go and see it.  It is astonishingly good.  I saw it in 2005.

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it is phenominal.

when i saw patrick stewert at one of the conventions, i got him to sign the tv guide picture i had of the original broadcast. as well as my peter and the wolf CD narrated by him. he was glad to see that i had those two. i heard he doesnt sign start trek items, so they dont get sold on ebay.

that is now my favorite version of a christmas carol.

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When I get home imma watch macbeth with him. I think he is fabulous is all his plays/movies!!! Loveeeeee a christmas carol

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