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Explore 1701-D...


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Hi everyone! I've posted this on a few treak related forums out there but I thought it was time to show it on the official one, guage some opinions etc...


I'm in the process of creating key sections of the ED in the source engine, not for any real reason, but more because I've always wanted to walk around the ship, as I'm sure most fo you have. When the maps are at a lavel I'm happy with (could be a little while yet) I'll start releasing them. Anyway, here's what I have so far, feedback and suggestion are most welcome!


P.s. Its accurate to within about a foot, 'ish'. Some artistic lisence has become involved but for the most part is as accurate as the tools will allow...



I also knocked a walkthrough video up, so you can get an idea of how it feels to actually walk around it:


Let me know what you think.




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Interesting! Well done! Welcome to the boards!

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That is some fantastic stuff you've got there! Thank you for sharing!

And welcome to!


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Thanks guys, ill try and keep this thread up to date on my progress.


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Good stuff.

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Wow, great job!  Can't wait to see the bridge.


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Very kewl!


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AWSOME!! Welcome to! These pics are sooo........REAL!!!! I feel like walking around the ship. Nice job Lewis


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Have you seen the D someone is building in Minecraft? To scale I might add, very impressive.

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I love it

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Awesome... Simply awesome...


Being a new member around here, what exactly is the source engine?

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