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What should Klingons look like in the new timeline/universe?

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Created by: Matthias Russell


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not every klingon was effected by the virus that made some loose their turtle heads



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An interesting question.

Going by canon, they should probably be flatties -- but on the other hand, the ridges are pretty familiar by now, as has been suggested, and it is good to have Klingons looking slightly less human. I think they make the Klingons more distinct.

I would like to see them with ridges -- although admittedly that is personal preference speaking on my part. I do not want to see a "new and different" Klingon look: Some kind of CG distortion as happened with certain alien characters in the most recent movie.

A completely new Klingon design would strike me as overkill.

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While they will say that flat foreheads are because of the augment experiment by the Klingons, we all know it was just a visual change from the writers.


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I still say both Klingons should appear.

Humans are certainly varied, and we've seen sub species in trek before like Andoriand and Aener. Is it really so horrible to have both Klingons? Both are recognizable after all.

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I was thinking that they wore he masks in the 2009 movie because they were smooth headed and were ashamed of it. If they are to be in the new movie (fingers crossed), then I think they should be smooth headed.


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I say give us a bit of both. They might could even delve into some sort of rift between the smooth heads and the ridged heads. It'd be interesting, IMHO.

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