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If you were captain


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I would have to stick with Riker. 


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I WOULD DEFINITELY PICK DATA because Worf would want to kill everyone, if you have ever noticed Riker misses almost everything he shots with a phaser, if Geordi lost his visor he would be almost useless, i dont know alot about Yar because she died, and well Picard is great but data does not need oxygen and he is extremely strong and smart so i would pick data


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Worf-command red wearing worf from First Contact and DS9 through. I say he matured alot and is a reliable and strong Cmdr. and XO (excecutive officer). 


But close in second would be Riker for his experience and able to remain cool under pressure. He is just perfect for the job bc that is his job. 


And then this may anger some but i always thought Chakotay of Voyager would make an excellent XO number 1 whatever u want to call it. He seemed real capable to handle a ship, and wise decisions.


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Okay eveyone the obvious choice would be Picard! I mean he knows the job inside and out, he would be a great resource and the crew already trusts him. 

randy kerr

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i would make a great captain.


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Wesley Crusher, he saved the ship the most in season 1

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Without a doubt Data


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If I were captain I would have Data as my number one - yeah he lacks emotions but he can do jobs faster than anyone else.  In addition he is always subjective and tries to act 'human'. That is the reason I would have him as my number 1


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If I was XO would be Shelby.


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Data...he is my favorite character of all series. 

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