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trek racial phenotypes/ stereotypes


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Quote: TheDriver @ Nov. 26 2011, 10:27 am


>Your lofty views of the characer are interesting, OtakuJo, and probably pretty accurate for today's fans. But during TNG's actual run? Geordi LaForge's fate did indeed seem a bit ... insensitive...


I will tell you right now with 100% confidence that I do not have a lofty view of Geordi LaForge.

But when soemone claims that making him blind is an insult to black guys, I do tend to find that an insult to blind guys. And a running gag is just that -- a gag. I still say that Geordi's visor has sweet Fanny Adams to do with his race. Somebody had to be chief engineer, after all. They couldn't just keep changing week after week through the whole run! Beverly Crusher spends bugger all time on the bridge either.

As for him being socially awkward and Data being his friend, I can hardly see how that is lessening the integrity of his character -- Besides that, Data is probably more loyal to his friends than any other person on that ship!

ok I stop now.

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Quote: SeptuagintXXX @ Nov. 23 2011, 3:01 pm

>Whenever the klingons are portrayed as brutish thugs, or bad guys, they are played by black actors.  Whenever they are portrayed as heros or good guys, they are portrayed by white actors.  Tim Russ played a bad guy.  That's my point.


And Duras [a bad guy] was played by Patrick Massett, a white guy.


Not to mention that Worf and Kurn [good guys] were blayed by black guys.


Seems your point doesnt have a leg to stand on.



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This is nearly as bad as the thread about the meaning of the word Trek!

Words fail me at times ...


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OtakuJo... Defensive much?

Seriously though, I had no intentions of making you upset. I was merely mentioning that Levar Burton seemed to get stuck with multiple "token" roles on TNG, which many of us noticed back in the day.

And I mean, it IS kind of funny if you think about it.

I'm not agreeing with the original poster.


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I'm thinking it might be fun to declare war instead... but yeah. Peace. hehe.

More amused by said comments than defensive really, since while I do like Geordi he sort of falls into the middle of the spectrum of fave--->cool--->alright--->meh--->downright icky characters in my view. So I thought I might explain myself a bit better. Unfortunately I am not very good at that most times.

I was nine when TNG first came out, and never got to watch it for another ten years because my family wasn't into it. The only point of real objection for me is the notion some people have that Geordi's disability exists to make him less of a person (which seems to be implied in many of the blogs and essays on this topic.) That's not to imply that this attitude was present in your post -- but it does come up that way on occasion.

That's part of the reason I said I was glad they didn't simply give Geordi 20/20 vision. And if you remember the episode Masterpiece Society, I find many of the questions he raises to some of those characters remarkably pertinent. I also like to think of "diversity" in Star Trek (and in the world) as going beyond just race and creed.

I think I've said before, if it was a true representation of some kind of globalised future, then about a third of the characters would be Chinese or Indian -- possibly half would be of Asian descent. You know the 1000 people village analogy, yeah? 53% of the world's population are women, and about 10% are gay... I forget many other numbers -- but on the other hand at a certain point we've all gotta look beyond that -- well I'd call it a "Captain Planet" style cross-section ideal... Because for the most part Star Trek is also about creating solid individual characters, which for the most part they tend to have done very well.

Now. If instead of the visor, Geordi had magic ray-bans or something... ...........

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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Who cares?

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