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Star Trek Comic Art


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My name is J.K.Woodward. I've drawn some issues of IDW's Star Trek books and have done many covers. Some of my credits include Captains Log: Jellico(written by Keith DeCandido), Captain's Log: Pike(written by Stuart Moore) & Alien Spotlight: Klingons(written by Keith DeCandido)

Has anyone been reading the DC/IDW crossover mini series, Star Trek/Legion of Super Heros? Thought?

view some cover art here and some work-in-progress photos.


also Captain's Log: Pike #1 cover! original art available now for only $100. I donated this cover to a friend in the hopes to help him raise money to pay for his dog's cancer treatment.




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I've enjoyed the work IDW has done with the Trek license in the recent past, not just on an artist level, but story wise also. Example being Khan: Ruiling in Hell or Mission's End. I can only hope you continue to produce great work, individually and as a group for years to come.

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