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Voyager Reviewed From Start to Finish


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Quote: Cali-Kidd @ Apr. 17 2013, 4:57 pm

>I think the plot of Voyager was great but the alien races that they came across were kinda lame. They didn't bring the same intensity to the screen that the Klingons, Romulans, Dominions, and Cardassians did. Even ENT was able to introduce new exciting species. Overall I enjoyed Voyager but it was my least favorite of Star Trek franchise.

The reason for that is the Romulans, Klingons, Borg, Dominion, etc, were a threat to the whole Federation. The Kazon were only a threat to Voyager. One little ship. The stakes were simply a lot lower due to the premise of the show.

I do think though, that the Krenim were one of the most intriguing antagonists in all of Trek.


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Have to say that Voyager would have been better off not coming back from the Delta Quadrant.  The characters were very shallow and well contrite.  Kes looked stoned (with the nature of the stories I am guessing it was a form of coping). Neelix, was just annoying.  Torres the woman with the furious Klingon nature just game across as a whinging, whining character that persisted  throughout the series.  The Doc, continous rehash of McCoy's Dr lines is well, yes.  Then we had the bad guy Tom Paris, yes he had a very, very dark side.  Soldier for hire indeed.  Chakotay, well to quote Robert Beltran when had came to a convention in Sydney,  "My lines consisted of repeating the computer and saying red alert and shields up."

Plus I would like to know how a ship that was cut off and alone on the otherside of the galaxy always looked shiny and new as if it just came out of a refit and was well supplied.  Finally, the Borg, the most feared alien race introduced in the star trek universe were made look like fools.  I mean, seriously one little Starfleet ship trapped in the heart of the borg territory and they managed to outwit them over and over again......

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