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Voyager Reviewed From Start to Finish


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I'm currently in season 6.


I think the real stars of the show are Janeway and the Doctor, he had some great lines and I'm glad he had so much screen time. Janeways irrational willingness to sacrifice herself for the crew is touching. I think they've done a good job and having a female captain gives it a nice twist.


Whilst I like Voyager I do feel that it has been let down by Chakotay. Chakotay is a pussycat compared to Riker and his soft mannerisms just don't compare. There's a few episodes that I've switched off because they've been based around Chakotay and his ancestors, it's boring. Chakotay should be working in the transporter room not a 1st officer, his character is just not strong enough!


Harry kim just seems like filler material, his friendship with Tom Paris just seems to be poorly acted. He should be on night shift in the transporter room!


Tuvok is a good character I enjoy a lot of the stories involving him. I did like the friendship he developed with Janeway. The same goes for Seven. Some of Sevens lines were just a little bit cheesy though. There was one episode where she was with her borg collective and she kept saying "error, error". It reminded me of one of those old cheesy doctor who shows with the daleks.


Neelix also brings a lot of cheeryness to the show, he's also cool because he was a trader.


There are lots of positives about this show, it does get a little predictable at times but even so I think this is a good show, I'm glad they decided to go against having a Betazoid on board. There was a bit of time travel too, and everybody likes time travel!





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just wait until you get to season 7! there's GREAT performances and some cheesy episodes. i cant wait to see your thoughts on End Game 


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Thanks for commenting folks, all comments welcome


Another fantastic story. The evil crew are very effectively portrayed - imagine, being on a ship like that! The sinister Tuvok with his sly grin, and the `evil' Chakotay is terrifying! I love the scene where he starts a brawl in the Briefing Room. The sinister android Doctor is very creepy too, and the scene where a prisoner is tortured is very nasty. The little twist at the end is excellent, but its a bit confusing: if the Doctor was left behind here, and ended up staying on Kyria for the next few centuries, how does that square with the rest of the series? Is this a `Mirror Universe' tale? The final scene always brings a tear to my eye.


Excellent again, and another good example of what makes this show better than ST:TNG. If the Enterprise D crew had encountered the Demon planet, they could have just ignored it and filed it away as somewhere to be avoided by StarFleet ships in future. Here though, the crew are dependent on it, and cant just warp away. Nice depiction of the planets surface and some nice effects as Voyager lands. The `new' more assertive Harry is ok, but why was he never promoted?


Despite this being yet another Seven of Nine-based episode, its another gem. The story is inspired (at this point, it makes you wonder what the original ST ever actually DID, as TNG, Voyager etc have so many great story ideas/concepts yet TOS never did any of them), and it goes without saying theres the usual great performances - thats another good point to make: even though TNG, DSN, and Voyager have better stories than TOS, they are harder to review as the effects are always above-average, and there are never any bad performances, whereas TOS had plenty of poor FX and some awful acting to match, making it easier to review. The only deficiencies in the other ST shows lie with the stories themselves, some are interesting and entertaining, some are crap. `Enterprise' did an episode called `Doctor's Day' which is a total rip-off of this story. 



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7 of 9 comes across as bigheaded and petty here, with her refusal to be beaten at hoverball. The main storyline is very interesting and exciting, making you wonder if Voyager is going to get home in this ep. Unfortunately not, as its all a trap. The Dauntless looks very impressive, and the final scene, with Arturo on the bridge of his ship stoically facing assimilation, stands out. A great end to another great season.


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Excellent again. We've seen characters in ST spilt by a transporter malfunction, but never joined together, and Tom Wright gives an excellent performance as someone who is a mixture of Neelix and Tuvok - he seems to have closely studied the mannerisms of both actors. The end is good, but i dont think there is much of a moral dilemma - Tuvok is just a mixture of Neelix and Tuvok, they aren't killing him, just separating the two.




Another great ep. The situation involving Janeway and Chakotay is interesting, and so is the situation on board ship. I love the bit where formal old Harry goes to Tuvok's quarters to apologise and make his proposal for saving the two on the planet, and ends up getting reprimanded again. The return of the Vidiians is a surprise, and the final scene is well done - Janeway being more business-like than usual to emphasise that things are back to normal and Chakotay had better not get so familiar."

These 2 episodes are great. I really enjoyed Tuvix. I admired Janeway's stones at the end to put the hypospray to his neck and do what had to be done. I found myself wondering if Picard could have done it. Maybe for Data, he would have done anything to keep Data at his side.

I loved Resolutions. I found myself really wanting Janeway and Chakotay to get it on. It was the perfect opportunity. I am only halfway through the third season, but I really want their relationship to grow. It seems to me that he still has something for her and I would love for something to happen there.

And I do want to point out that I didn't even like Chakotay before this episode. But in Resolutions he became my perfect man. He's awesome now.


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Thanks for your comments, i really appreciate that people are following this thread. Though there are sometimes large gaps between my posts, i am committed to finishing this, and the TNG reviews, then ill get on to DSN and Enterprise.


This another excellent season, one of ST's best, though `strange new worlds' are few and far between in this batch of stories.


I love the idea of this, that Voyager has entered a completely barren region of space, that will take years to get through. The crew have the holodeck to entertain them, so i dont see a problem. This situation is another example of what sets Voyager apart from TNG. The aliens in this ep are very-well realised too, and the Malon reappear twice more.


Clever stuff as the Doctor and Seven combine through a transporter accident to create a 29th-century Borg! A great idea - the actor playing the Borg sounds very like C3PO from the Star Wars films. The ending is effective, but its a shame that Voyager didnt face a squadron of 29th-century Borg coming back to the 24th, as that would have been a really challenging situation for Janeway and co.


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A good one, with the main story of the crew building a new shuttle - the Delta Flyer - mixing with a subplot about B'Elanna wanting to kill herself! The Malon are back, and so is Vorik the Vulcan. One thing that fans have picked up on is how come Voyager had so many shuttles? Simple, because they kept building new ones, as they do here. Ive never tried Banana Pancakes but they sound nice.


When i first saw this, i was amazed at how bad it was. The basic idea, of Species 8472 constructing a perfect replica of StarFleet HQ, to use as a training ground for an invasion of the real thing, is brilliant. But its undermined by the fact that the crew and the aliens become friends by the end. For the first time, i actually became a bit disillusioned with Trek - the idea that everyone is essentially nice and that people from different worlds/ universes can become friends and allies absolutely sucks - its unrealistic, schmaltzy and makes for very poor drama. A lot of people would say this was the overriding concept at the heart of ST - i disagree. Back in the 60s, Gene Roddenberry wanted to create an SF series that had continuing characters, and was more adult and intelligent than the SF shows in the US to that point, which were either intelligent but had no continuing format (Outer Limits) or had continuing characters but were juvenile (Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers). Unfortunately, there were quite a few rather `sad' fans back then who felt a little embarrassed/ashamed about being a fan of a show that featured aliens/spaceships etc so they invented all this pretentious BS about `people from different backgrounds working together for the common good/a Galaxy-spanning Brotherhood of races, living in harmony' etc etc. Roddenberry, and the shows cast, eventually jumped on the bandwagon, and started spouting all this nonsense, and when ST:TNG went to air, it actually tried to model itself on the daft ideas that fans had first put forth in the 60s, leading many to complain that it lacked good drama and character conflict. Fortunately, DSN got it right, a brilliant series.

Rather than the naff and unrealistic idea that everyone should get along and there are no really bad aliens etc, a much more dramatic idea would be for the Starship Enterprise/Voyager to be travelling through a largely-hostile universe peopled by lots of malevolent races, but the crew manage to prevail, and remain bonded, a family.

The end of this ep not only completely ruins the one really dangerous and malevolent race that had appeared in ST (not including the Borg), but makes it clear that every alien race is going to be cute and cuddly, and able to be reasoned with, no matter how bad they had previously seemed.


This is good, but not outstanding. It doesnt really have a plot, its basically just an excuse to show us how the Holodeck is used to educate and entertain the kids on board Federation Starships. Its a nice idea, with its `Sesame Street' - type programme with talking trees!


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Another great one. The fate of Voyager, crashing on a frozen planet, is excellently depicted with the scene of the ship crashing almost as good as a similar scene in the `Generations' film, just a lot briefer. Harry Kim is the star of the show here - he must have been really suffering after what happened to the crew, killed by his mistake. The idea of Geordi LaForge being a Captain now, and under orders to stop Harry and Chakotay changing time/reality is inspired, and theres a tension-filled ending. This episode would be completely ripped-off by `Enterprise', in the episode `Twilight'.


Another good one, with an imaginative teaser leading into the story of Seven's multiple personality disorder. Jeri Ryan again shows what a great actress she is, especially when she has to play a Ferengi. Very good direction, and niDace to see some familiar faces among the plethora of aliens in Seven's delusions.


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Twilight was much better than Timeless. 

I just found this great Star Trek MB!!  photo ac1685424929087bf1b7e7e0d734f861.jpg


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I agree with you.


A funny teaser involving the Doctor's passion for photography leads into a great story, with stranger aliens than usual, and a moral dilemma. One of the aliens latches onto B'Elanna, and the only way to remove it involves using a holographic Cardassian surgeon who gained his knowledge and expertise after conducting horrific experiments on Bajoran prisoners, including children. In the end, Janeway does the right, and sensible thing. Theres some tension between her and Torres in the final scenes.

Occassionally, i come across someone on the internet who claims to be a huge fan of ST, but says they hate Voyager - why?? What is the problem so many fans have with this show? I think it comes down to the fact that, for whatever reason, many fans simply did not like the idea of the Star/Captain being a Woman.


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hi I have a question about the episode year of hell. Why didnt voyager just leave kremlin space when they realized how powerful the kremiin were? why did janeway insist that they had no other choice but to travel through kremlin space?



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Quote: hihihihi324 @ Mar. 02 2013, 1:50 pm


>hi I have a question about the episode year of hell. Why didnt voyager just leave kremlin space when they realized how powerful the kremiin were? why did janeway insist that they had no other choice but to travel through kremlin space?


I think it was a combination of 2 things - 1, Janeway didnt like being bullied/threatened so was determined to keep going.

2 - Krenim space was too big to go around.


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Another outstanding story. When i first learned about this one, i assumed that Voyager was going to encounter a planet of largely water ie; no/very little land. The fact that the planet itself is made of water (and starting to evaporate!) is wild, far better than many of the concepts in TOS and TNG. The inhabitants look aquatic, and the fact that the story is told in flashback by Tom Paris from the brig is a nice touch. It doesnt take Tom too long to get promoted back to Lieutenant though, while Harry remains stuck as an Ensign.


This is very good but not a classic. The idea of an alien race who hate telepaths is a good one, but the situation isnt put across dramatically enough, and comes over a bit light-weight. We see a few Vulcans among the crew here - apart from Tuvok and Vorik, we have some who havent appeared before.


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I think the plot of Voyager was great but the alien races that they came across were kinda lame. They didn't bring the same intensity to the screen that the Klingons, Romulans, Dominions, and Cardassians did. Even ENT was able to introduce new exciting species. Overall I enjoyed Voyager but it was my least favorite of Star Trek franchise.

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