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How did you become a Trekkie/Trekker


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I grew up with it.

Thanks dad!

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My Dad would watch TNG, back when it first came on and sometimes I would be allowed to stay up and watch or he would record it and we'd watch it later. I've been a fan ever since, I love the concept of a unified Earth and all the benefits that would imply. I see it as a possiblility for humanity and will never stop believing we can reach that point(probably not in my lifetime though), but we just have to keep believing and doing what we can to make that future the present.

DS9 is my favorite, seems the most real. Having conflicts but getting threw them.

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 my big brother


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Age 19 I finally moved out of home, and so was entirely free to find interests in things that my family thought were stupid. Star Trek was one of those things.

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Two words

MR. SPOCK I was like 8 when the 3rd season came out and my friend had all of these hand drawings of Mr.Spock and I thought he was really hot and from then on it was star trek history. I have watched at least one season of all Trek series but TOS,TNG,and VOY i have on DVD and as well as all movies.   


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others; would more likely agree with me when I say this. I wish we could convice the Star Trek makers to make another series (for more then just a few, I mean something that will make history.)

I mean think about, they have two series that could really be picked up from where they left off. But, with some minor changes. Like for example, DS9 could start off with a new space station (not something to big just big enough for space ships to fuel and be supplied. Perhaps, they could introduce a new species that would scare the pans off the change-lings or even the Borg or Species 8473. But that would need to come near a point where it might have in third or four season so that they would need to create a stronger story line until then or something if you understand what I mean.


For those who might have more of the ability and time. Perhaps you could create a partition or something and try and get as many of the fans to sign it as possible and send it the Star Trek makers and tell them to make something. WE ARE ALL WANTING A STAR TREK FIX. Does not everyone agree with me? "Stand with me one this."





But my first time watching has to be about 20 years now. I could not be younger then 6 when I first seen TNG. Then I watch Voyager, DS9, and Enterprise (which is another series they just droped and could pick up a new story line). I have been a fan for a long time. At one time I own TNG Enteprise model. I wish I still have it. But, I have part of the story line for the DS9 sequal, but not all of it.

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I would love to see a new series to. Actually would love if they brought back DS9, maybe not the same characters, but the ship and the station, just wonderful architect. Beautiful to look at and so forth.

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Data! I was about 5 or 6 when my mom would let me stay up and watch star trek with her ( She loves Riker). I got hooked and loved the "Yellow faced guy" and used to call him "Dayum" Ever since...I was hooked!

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I can't even recall how old I was but I was very young, it all started with Troubles with Tribbles, and grew from there, though there were about 5 or 6 years where I didn't watch any Trek, got away from it when they stopped having reruns, but then two or three years ago TNG started showing up late at night and I watched it religiously every night, then bought all of TNG and re-watched it in the correct order, then TOS started playing on the weekends so I'd watch that too, then moved to Voyager, then Enterprise, and am now nearly finished with DS9, I watch TOS sporadically whenever.

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I rolled the dice and said nerd..I wont that day. I am nerd.


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At my Primary School in the 1970s I went once to their bazaar. In the one classroom were film shows. There was a schedule stuck up on the door. One of the films was 'Star Trek'. I thought, 'Huh. What's that?' I first thought it was local, here in South Africa, due to 'Trek'. (That word is from here.) It was the TOS episode 'The Man Trap'. 

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My step father introduced Trek to me around 20 years ago. He was always watching reruns of the original series and current episodes of TNG at the time. Curiosity drew me to it and the rest is history. I dont remember exactly what days it was on but trek was on all week practically with TNG and DS9 overlapping. When Voyager came around, we would watch that religiously as well. I will admit that I fell away from Trek for a little while after Voyager ended but never fully abandoned it. With TNG reruns on WGN America over the last year (I'm mad as hell that they stopped airing a few months ago) and sporatic TOS and ENT reruns, I got back into the swing of things and have fully embraced my inner Trekkie. Im just glad my fiance puts up with it. LOL.

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Deep Space Nine was amazing, so I figured I would give the other series' a chance. DS9 is still my favorite, no compition, but I do love me some TOS and TNG!



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My brother took me to the movie a few years ago. 

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Geez now I feel very old. Back in the late 1960s my older brother was a huge Trek fan. I was 4 or 5 years old and would watch every episode. I think it played on Friday evenings at 7.30. I was a night owl and was allowed to watch. So Star Trek has been with me as long as I remember. I own all the movies and every episode on DVD. Before that I owned them all on video and before that I watched all the re runs. I've read most of the books as well.

I love star trek. I don't own any memorabilia though, nor have I ever bothered with conventions.

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