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Star Trek E cards


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Report this Nov. 17 2011, 8:58 am

I came across today a topic here from a year ago, about the lack of Star trek ecards around. There being only ones that send wallpapers and such. This surprised me, since one of my sites has been around for a lot longer than that It started with a suggestion on my forum, so i started kicking some ideas around to members, since my Photoshop skills were limited at that time, i asked for a bit of help from members, to cut a long story short, a lovely lady on my forum, asked her friends on the VAMB forum who do fiddles and have there own websites, to donate if they would a few of there star trek pics. I was given permission to use all there fiddles for cards, literally thousands of them from various sites. I have included a thousand or so of these as cards.

You will find my site here in the menu:

You do have to register, but it is free, and you can send as many and as often as you want. It will send the recipient a preview of your card, where to pick it up, and will inform you by email once it has been picked up. You can also add music, poems, and even stamps to your card.

I hope you like it, and use it, and if anyone does have images they would like to add to it, let me know, all credit of course will be given to its creator. Enjoy

Check out my Star trek website at:

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