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Star Trek Sequel Filming Starts January 15th


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If Chambliss just beefs up the lower back half of secondary hull the ship would look better proportionally.

His other designs weren't all that bad, just different from what was done before. I didn't mind them at all.

But for Gods sake, build the engine room, there was a nice illustration of it proposed for the first need to save money to come in on budget this time...I don't care if it's an all CGI engine room either!

Kor would be cool, but to me the actor looks more like Trelane and the location suggest some place inside Trelanes Castle.

Of course all this is sheer speculation.


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The ducks fly at Midnight.


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Awesome! I can't wait to see the sequel! They better be bringing Michael Giacchino back for the music!

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I don't understand what's going on here...does administration have to continue deleting other peoples post?

It's bad enough that most of the topics are pointless repetitive threads covering the same old thing week after week month after month year after year posted by the same individuals over and over again disguised and or formatted to achieve the same results that aren't considered "SPAM" that infantile tactics must be used by people with imagined powers of authority who themselves should be banned for their own actions and beliefs are allowed to go on...freedom of speech does not exist on these boards save a few favored abusers.

If StarTrek.Com can not be run ethically and wisely, it's beyond time that these boards on every level be shut down and extracted from the world wide web and simply become an strictly informational source of articles about the soul subject at hand of Star Trek with no imput or cultural view points contributed by fan and general public at large.

I for one from this point on will NOT visit or view this travesty of an OFFICAL WEBSITE.

I recommend that every remaining member of what ever level of fandom here copy and repost this in every forum, thread, and topic then leave with out ever returning.

All Hailing frequencies are here by closed from me forever.

Peace,Live Long and Prosper.


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