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Do you like Quark?


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I love Quark and I love Grand Nagus Zek (He's even better). However I was dissapointed the Ferengi didn't return in Enterprise (Except for that one episode).

Ferengi are portraited in other Star Trek Series as thieves but in Deep Space Nine they aren't.


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Love Quark, outside of Zek DS9 really made me like Frengis.  The Magnificant Ferengi is one of my favorite episodes.


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I agree with the previous post that The Magnificent Ferengi is also one of my favorite episodes too. Quark was a fun character and he added a whole different dimension to the show. He is one of my favorites on DS9.

Anime Odo

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Quote: HadassahJoy @ Apr. 19 2012, 6:59 pm

Quote: Anime Odo @ Apr. 18 2012, 6:17 pm



>SORRY!! i have most likly the same veiw of him That Odo does.



You love him! come on.....Odo does he just doesnt show it lol 

mmmmm no

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