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Starfleet Ranks

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I was merely stating that it is ridiculous at how they advertise from Ensign to Captain with the VOY/DS9 combadge rather than having the Commodore to Fleet Admiral. I think both require the same care. I bought my Admiral ranks at ebay because Amazon was too expensive.


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Commander (Comodore), Chief Senoir Specialist, Flight Engineer or Mission Specialist.

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@MoppyCGDaniels  I was refering to the outdated one pipped (enclosed in a black rectangle) Admiral rank, which it is called Commodore, right? It is definately not commander. They have the same rank as Fleet Captains, but they have different jobs. 

Fleet Captains: Work with the Advanced Ship Bureau with 5 silver pips.

Commodores (Fleet Captans): They have the most superior ship and experience and assumes temporary command of the fleet. They report back to the Rear Admiral. I believe Captain Sisko had to report to Admiral Ross.

They have 5 gold pips or one pipped (enclosed in a black rectangle) Admiral.

Correct me if I am wrong.

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