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What was the first Star Trek movie you watched?


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1. Star Trek: The motion picture

2. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

3. Star Trek III: The search for Spock

4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

5. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

6. Star Trek VI: The un-discovered country

7. Star Trek, 2009

8. Star Trek: Nemesis

9. Star Trek: Generations

10. Something else?


This was going to be a poll, which is why theres only ten options, but for some reason- it wouldn't let me post as a poll.


The first movie I saw was IV: The voyage home (And to this day, it remains my favourite)

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TMP, first day of release. Skipped school and stood in a cold December rain to see it.

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The first movie I saw was TWOK on TV.  I was a kid at the time, so it must have been some time in the late 80s.


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tmp opening night.  I left sad and cold inside thinking trek was dead.  I worked at the theatre by the time wok came out and was excited to see it sold out and people leaving excited.

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ST : TMP - the first and best ... when it was released back in 1979 I went about five times ...

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ST first contact (: !!!

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In the movie theaters, Generations. The Previous ones before that I first saw on VHS or cable. 

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Seen them all in order.... The same with all the series except DS9 still havent seen more then a hand full



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I was like two years old but I think i watched the Voyage Home first.  However, I might have watched Insurrection first and I thought it was an episode ( until resent research prooved my htpothesis incorrect ).  DONT JUDGE!! I WAS AN INFANT!!......goodnight everyone!


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TMP opening day

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Star Trek 2009. Thats the first one I consciously watched. I think I saw all of them before, but I spaced them out. Too much of a Star Wars fan then.


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I'm only 21 so almost everything I have scene which by now is every movie and episode was past the time when it came out. The DVD boxsets that ca,e out like 12 years ago are what really made me fall in lovw with star trek. But when I was growing up my dad had 'Wrath of Kahn" "The Search for Spock" on VHS. So it was one of them that I saw first. I have no memory of seeing most of them for the first time. 

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I'm that old, I saw ST-TMP when it came out - then TWOK and SFS in order but didn't bother with ST-IV as I thought the plot sounded naff - I've seen bits of it since - nothing's changed my mind.

ST V is good - not seen the others at all - bear in mind I've no interest in Trek outside TOS and its cast

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