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Who would be the 4th next to the big 3?


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Has to be Scotty. Originally it was suppose to be the captain and the engineer, both claiming the vessel as their own. Out of all the secondary players, Scotty has always been the one to have the most output story-wise. He made the Excelsior sound like a car without gas!


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Quote: Trekwolf164 @ Jan. 13 2012, 8:24 am






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I would say Scotty just because he, Spock, and Kirk are the ones who are the best known even to non-fans.

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Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott


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As others have already pointed out... If we're discussing the TV series? Then the obvious answer is "Scotty."

But if we're discussing the film series? Then my answer would have to be "Chekov."

In TMP, Chekov is the only crewmember that gets a wink from the captain (ha) and is the only one who really gets to see any "combat" action by firing a "phooooton toooorpeeeeedooooo" at the asteroid in the wormhole. In TWOK, Chekov is the XO of the Reliant, is the first of the original crew to face Khan, gets a worm stuck in his ear, and then turns against his brainwashing to help Kirk. In TSFS, well, fortunately all of the supporting cast get a chance to shine. In TVH - sheesh! - Chekov steals the show with his antics aboard the USS Enterprise and in the hospital. In TFF and TUC, Chekov really doesn't have anything more or less to do than the other crewmembers. (Sulu being a captain in TUC just doesn't balance out his lackluster appearances in TMP, TWOK, TSFS, TVH, and TFF.) Then in Generations, Chekov is there again!

Anyway, it seems there is no "right" answer for this particular question. But it's interesting to read the responses of others.

But yeah, for me? Chekov.

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I always saw Scotty as the 4th main one behind the triangle of Kirk, Spock and McCoy

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Nurse Chapel.






Nah, I'm kiddin. Scotty. Really.





Scotty. All the way.


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Scotty of the new Enterprise crew is indeed special for the fact he's shown with the little Alien lonesome on the Federation outpost. So that he & Prime Spock were just waiting for Jim. Likewise the formula Spock gave him used for transporting by warpflight onboard the Enterprise NCC - 1701.


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Chekov, Sulu and Uhura seem to be a second group separate from those three.  The one who seems to come closest to bridging that Gap is Scotty.  This makes sense because he was the one holding that ship together.  How many times did we hear, "I'm giving her all she's got captain" or "I'm sorry captain but I just can't do it," right before performing some engineering stroke of genius. 

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