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Pick a team!!

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Created by: KateMulgrewFan!!


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I Vote Team Janeway!!

To Me shes the Best!!

I'd do ANYTHING to be in her team!!.


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Team Belanna...I guess b/c of her spunk


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Team Tuvok!!

Code 47

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I hope you know you spelled Barclay wrong. I can relate myslef to this character.


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Janeway rocks! I dismissed Voyager and DS9 completely when they first came out. (Ds9 is still kinda meh to me), but Voyager quickly became my fave mainly because of Janeway. Out of all the Trek captains, she would be the one I would blindly follow anywhere. She sticks to her principles and has more fortitude than the other captains combined. (We'll pretend the admiral thing didn't happen, she belongs on a ship). Her compassion and intelligence is also second to none. I absolutely love Janeway. Seven of Nine and B'Elanna followed by the Doctor are runner ups. Voyager honestly had amazing characters. Even the minor charachters had major roles. I would have lovde more Tal Celes myself. I still feel cheated that there was no Voyager movie...

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Team Janeway all the way no exceptions on Voyager she was IT and there is just no comparison.


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Team Seven

The ducks fly at Midnight.


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When I saw the title to the thread - I was going to post "Anyone but Dallas".

BTW - what are we teaming up for?

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Team Janeway my first choice, Team Chakotay my second


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Team Kes. I'd follow her anywhere. 


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>Janeway all the WAY!!


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Quote: ColPeg @ Nov. 21 2011, 6:37 pm


>BTW - what are we teaming up for?


I think this is some Twilight infiltrator.

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