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1st season of DS9


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Report this Nov. 07 2011, 2:16 pm

In the episode "vortex" where Odo learns that other changelings might exist, he helps the gamma quadrant alien get his daughter from the stasis chamber in the cave.  Then some rocks fall and hit Odo in the head knocking him unconscious-- why?  He doesn't have a brain.  Hitting him in the "head" is no different than hitting him anywhere else.  Why would he become unconscious.  When a human becomes unconscious its because of damage to the brain.  Again, Odo doesn't have a brain.

In the episode "If wishes were horses" where the crew's fantasies come to life, they say that Buck Bukkai is the greatest hitter who ever lived.  How come they cast a short, pudgy asian guy to play the character.  I realize that DS9 was made before the steroid era, but even in 1993 ball players were pretty big, especially power hitters.

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