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TAS "about-videos"?


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There are many videos on the internet with old or new crew members talking about each series and episodes, explaining the making of and so on. Do you know any where they're talking about TAS? I found this series very good and I was looking for some videos with all the actors telling stories about it but I just couldn't find anything.
Maybe you know something? 

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"More Troubles, More Tribbles" and "Bem" have audio commentary by David Gerrold, "How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth" has audio commentary by David Wise, and another three have text commentary by Mike and Denise Okuda.



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what are those commentaries like though? are they just referring to the plot/technical making of those particular episodes?

i think Finka is talking about the thing i wish there was more of, ie the Trek cast talking about the experience

i found it odd that in Allan Asherman's 'Star Trek Compendium' there's no real discussion of the background to the series other than a short introduction, then brief synopses

i'd love to know more about how the actors felt, how the voices were recorded,  did they get the chance to comment on the scripts etc etc 

do the commentaries cover that?


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PS - I just watched 'eye of the Beholder' with text commentary and it did have some interesting things to say about what's behind some of the references and also the animation technique - definitely worth viewing

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