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When did you fall in love with TOS?


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On the general star trek discussion board a member had posted a topic asking what was your first encounter with star trek (star trek as in all the other series also) but since in my opinion TOS is the best series of star trek Id love to know when did you all first watch TOS and fall in love with it


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When FOX first started transmitting over the open airwaves, TOS was one of the first series I remember them carrying - and it was at that point that I became a staunch Star Trek fan.  I remember watching the episodes on rerun over and over again until I could resite the script!!!  I was younger at that time and it made a huge impression...  About 2-3 years into the TOS showing, FOX then picked up TNG and the love continued.... 

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BBC - first showing in the UK - 1969 ... I was very young, but could spot something amazing when I saw it


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I always knew there was something like Star Trek becouse my father watched it from time to time, but I was never interested..
But in June my boyfriend said: hey, I'm watching TNG now. I thought: okay, I'll watch with you. I saw one episode and thought: well, I don't like it. Maybe I should watch it from the beginning.. Oh, that's about 80 episodes of TOS.. Okay!
And so the love grows  I watched TAS and half of TNG now but I still return to some TOS episodes. Love at first sight!


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On the BBC in the early 70s. I also got a weekly comic called `Valiant' which had a colour Star Trek strip in the centre pages.


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I grew up with it/them. It originally aired at an ideal hour for kids in Canada - on Sunday afternoons at 3pm on the CBC. It was smack dab in the middle of the Space Race & the timing of it's debut couldn't have been better.

Our family was the local 'gadget family' .... as my father was a traveling salesman & manufacturer's representative with lines that included more than a few electronic companies. Walkie-talkies, space spark guns & other cool items often found their way into our home & toy chest. Thus those trekkie techno props were the total package, eye candy & primary objects of my affection.  Not so the stuffed bras, short skirts & double entendres that flew light years over my head back at that time. These would 'eventually' catch my attention in later viewings. And so it's not too difficult to understand how I might have believed that this series was invented just for the personal entertainment & pleasure of myself. I really did.

I remember well the b&w Admiral TV that roamed the upstairs hall on it's casters. Sickies got first dibs on the 'portable TV in the bedroom rights' & since the series' inaugural run coincided with the first 3 years of my schooling - I was often sick with measles, chicken pox, flu, cold or everything else that kids can pickup at elementary school.   I can still hear the sound of those telly wheels churning towards my room.


Oh yeah & the Vicks Vapour Rub. Because it was so synonymous with my initial 'Trek' viewing experience .... to this day should I catch a whiff of that ointment - I will get an immediate recall/flashback to a distinct, random scene from TOS. Some sort of olfactory induced neural encoding cum Star Trek neurosis  of which I have not been professionally diagnosed nor yet know the proper name/term for.

Spock undoubtedly would ......


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I've been watching it since I was a kid. My dad and grandfather were big fans, so I can't remember when I was introduced to it. I just grew up watching it.


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Let's see, I'm 13 right now, and my mom introduced me to Star Trek when I was about 9. And I pretty much fell in love with the first episode I saw! (tribbles!) When I first saw Kirk burried in those tribbles, I knew I would always love Star Trek forever!

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Around this time last year. Having been here on the boards for a while as a recent TNG fan, I got curious to know more about the series that all started it. So I asked around here which were good TOS novels to begin with for someone who had never seen the series, followed their advice and got some great stories off Amazon.

So I actually got acquainted with TOS through the novels. It didn't take long after that to get the dvd's as well. But even though I think it's a great series, TNG is still my favourite

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I just started watching Star Trek after a friend's suggestion. TOS has been my first experience and it's definitely my favorite. By the second episode Charlie X, I was hooked.

There's nothing better than watching the interactions between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Best trio ever.


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Quote: Spouter @ Nov. 02 2011, 4:04 am


>On the BBC in the early 70s. I also got a weekly comic called `Valiant' which had a colour Star Trek strip in the centre pages.


Yeh and originally it had been in a comic called TV21 in the late 60s:

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I'm not sure when I "fell in love" with TOS. I first saw "Wrath of Khan" on TV around 1990, maybe 1989. I watched the rest of the movies, then got swept up in TNG. TNG is still my favorite.

But then I watch an episode like "A Piece of the Action" and think, "There's really nothing better than this." So I guess I fall in love with TOS every time I watch it, even though I watch it less than the others.


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I was in junior high school.

As a HUGE Star Wars fan, I'd always considered Star Trek "old," "lame," and SUPER-nerdy.

But then Star Trek III was released, and my friends wouldn't shut up about it. So I caved (yep, to peer pressure ... ha) and got caught up on the first three films while watching the series in syndication with my little brother.

After just a handful of episodes, we were hooked.

To this day, the two of us have fond memories of watching Trek reruns every midnight during the summer. Good times.

Anyway, all of this led to novels, comicbooks, the FASA rpg, video games, etc.

And while my love of TOS spurred me to check out all of the post-TOS Trek series? DS9 is the only one that I keep coming back to...

(Probably because I feel DS9 is closer in spirit to TOS than the other "actually nerdy" post-TOS Trek series.)

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I had to play Spock in a high school English presentation

So, knowing nothing about the series, I watched 'The Man Trap' and it started from there.


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I was 11, and in Italy (I am Italian) they had just released a new VHS edition, and I will always remember my dad bringing home the first episode he found: Trouble with Tribbles. It never ended. Never will!

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