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Star Trek Convention Cherry Hill May 4-6


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AHHH! its in a few days! i am so siked! i may pass out thinking about it...



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I attended this convention and had a blast! Met some awesome people, saw some very impressive costumes, and met a bunch of friends I never knew I had :)


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I was there as well, and had a great time. As always, it was nice reconnecting with old friends and meeting new people as well. All of the featured guests were awesome, with the highlight for me being the hilarious give-and-take between Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes. 

My only complaint about my experience came at the end of the convention. I stuck around late on Sunday to upgrade my ticket for next year, and sat in for the "audience discussion" about the next film. The panel on stage featured Adam and another gentleman from Creation (can't recall his name), as well as Richard Arnold, the former assistant to Gene Roddenberry. They opened the "discussion" by asking the remaining patrons about what they would like to see in the coming films. Amazingly, each idea was mocked, criticized and dismissed by Richard Arnold. When someone suggested bringing back Khan, Arnold literally rolled his eyes and proclaimed "let's just leave that alone." When another person asked for more Klingons, Arnold was fully annoyed, telling us that the Klingons were only in 3 original series episodes, and the Romulans were only in 2 (ie, they "weren't Star Trek"). And when one fan suggested that he would like to see more space battles in a future release, Arnold angrily  interrupted him, told him "that's Star Wars, NOT Star Trek," then went on to say that it wasn't consistent with "Gene's vision." Then, incredibly, he told this fan that Gene would have "shot him" if he heard him make that suggestion. While I'm sure Arnold wasn't being literal with this statement, he certainly had no humor in his voice, and there were no chuckles from the crowd. He was actually angered by this space battle suggestion, as if this fan--someone who had paid a decent amount of money to attend this convention--was somehow attempting to soil the legacy of Trek.

Perhaps if Mr. Arnold could see past the huge chip on his shoulder when he looks in the mirror, he might realized the foolishness of suggesting that Gene Roddenberry would "shoot" someone for not following his Star Trek vision of non-violence. But hey, maybe that's how a guy like Richard Arnold likes to work--simply disregard and lampoon any opinion that's different from his own (or what he feels he needs to tell us Gene's would have been). We spent three days enjoying thoughts and stories from almost a dozen succesful actors, writers, singers and entertainers (not to mention someone who has been knighted), and the most arrogant person to sit on that stage was a former assistant to Gene Roddenberry. It's a shame, too, because, when he's not defending "Gene's vision," Arnold has some great stories from his involvement with Paramount. But to me, the real beauty of a Star Trek convention is the open forum it provides for people of disparate races, cultures, ideas, identities, abilities, opinions, viewpoints, etc., to exist in an environment of acceptance and understanding. Arnold's little power play at the end of the day Sunday left a bad taste in my mouth, and ended things on such a sour note. I still can't get over the fact that they invited the fans to talk about film possibilities, then Arnoild outwardly criticized--without comedy or levity--every suggestion that was made. It was like I was in a Twilight Zone episode (oh no, I hope Arnold doesn't get angry that I mentioned another sci-fi show in a thread about Star Trek).

Still, I'll happily be back next year, and can't wait for the DS9 reunion, but I certainly won't be listening to another word that Richard Arnold had to say.

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