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10 Almost-Cast Star Trek Actors article.


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  The first line of this article has me flummoxed.  Seriously.  DS9 is agreed by most ST fans as the BEST SERIES? Am I missing something?  

Also, the if Cpt. Picard was not cast as it was, we would have missed out on the finest Enterprise Cpt. of the series. 
I have my favorite, but Picard was the finest. Bottom line.

I look forward to your input regarding this article.

I have posted at least 5 topics on the ENTERPRISE forums, but alas, it says I have ZERO posts. *ahem* Let us hope this gets posted.  


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Report this Oct. 30 2011, 4:46 am

There were some things I liked about DS9, but I would have it tied for fourth place with TOS.  Sisko was poorly acted by someone who seemded to be trying to mix Shatner & Stewart.  He blames Picard for Wolf 359.  He outsources his dirty work then gets indignant with whoever did it for him.  In doing so he either maes an inapropriate comment about an uninvolved civilian or assaults the person who did his dirty work for him.  In The Ship, Benji & Micobrain repeatedly went outside, walked right past the medkit, leaving it there while a member of the crew was slowly dying inside.  At the end of season 6, and into season 7 (which dialog indicates were months apart), Sisko, acting like he was the only one was lost a friend in the war, deicdes to go home, and appropriates military hardware to do so, and then when the baseball finally rolls of the piano, uses that military hardware to go off on some personal field trip.  Did I mention there was a war gong on when he abandoned his post & misappropriated military hardware.  There were episodes that took place almost entirely on Klingon ships. 

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