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Trekology - Manchester UK


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Report this Oct. 25 2011, 10:07 am

The USS Fortitude are hosting a Star Trek gathering and want YOU to be there.

Bring your Costumes and Com Badges, your Tribbles and Tricorders, your Bat'leths and your Targs (on a leash please - there will be Terrans there).

There will be many activities to take part in - including sitting in the Captain's Chair, Tribble Hunts, Trek quizzes and a Dealers' Room.  There will also be activities for ALL members of the family.  Dress to Impress as there will be prizes for the best.

Intergallactic beverages and meals will be available from Caren's Bar in the event area.

Bring your dancing shoes and stay for the Party in 10-Forward - Caren's Bar and disco will be available until late.

BE THERE...or be BORG!


WWW.TREKOLOGY.ORG for details or check us out on Facebook!


Manchester UK - 19-11-2011 @ Trafford Hall Hotel


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