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TNG Pet Names?


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I sometimes call my mom's cat spot because he is an orange tabby

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We named our German Shepard Tasha – after Tasha Yar of course. A very regal name!

Here she is!   (I finally got the picture to post.)


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My husband and I decided to name our Rottweiler Trip.


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I always wanted a Dobermann Pinscher. And I had this crazy idea to call him Shinzon. =) =) =)


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I kicknamed my mother Bones, because she's and old bag of bones

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We adopted this little kitten once and he had this little blackish patch above his left eye so we named him chakotay, but we mostly called him Tay.

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I have six rats, and I named one of them Qball. (that's from that Voyager episode, Q2. When Icheb calls Q's son "Qball". It cracked me up. So that's what I named one of my rats.)

If I ever get a white fluffy cat I'm naming it Neelix.

Also my friend used to have a dark brown chihuahua named Tuvok.

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I have a handsome Siamese cat named Spock. A white/tiger cat named Data. Another white/tiger cat named Neelix. I used to have a pit bull puppy named Dax, but sadly he passed. =( I want to get another cat or dog to name Dax, but I promised my hubby not to adopt anymore pets (we have A LOT).

janewayjunkie... you should ABSOLUTELY get a fluffy white cat to name Neelix!!!!! I love the episode with Barclay and his cat.

EpicTrekkie... naming the kitty with the eyepatch Chakotay/Tay is just too cute!


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I dont have any pets but in science class we get our own gold fish. One was orange and the other was brown. i named the brown one Data becuse he seem robotic to me.... he was the only one who servived. now I can see him every other day in the science lab fish tank.


sam the orange fish that died becuse he didnt like star trek

want a hug


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I don't have any actual pets right now, but I do have a fluffy black tribble named Trouble. I made it myself out of some fur fabric I had laying around. I used to have goldfish. None of them had Trek names because I wasn't a Trekkie yet when I had them. The way they kept dying on me, though, I should have named one of them Ensign Ricky. Or just plain Red Shirt.


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My best friend named her three dogs Riker, Deanna, and Beverly. Her cat was Data, her birds were Worf and Geordi. (Her hampster was named Tribble.)


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Non yet, oddly enough. {I'm surprised I haven't now that I think about it. But most of my pets have been named after LOTR names.}

But I did name my phone Data if that counts, since after all he is an Android.

{Galaxy Nexus.} 

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kirk is my favorite

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No pets. But I named a stuffed pig wesley. A stuffed dog data and a dog with bunny ears Jean-Luc

When I grow up I want to join Starfleet.


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I haven't named any pets after Star Trek chararacters, but I knew I had to at some time in my life ever since I watched that Voyager episode with Barclay's cat, Neelix. That is freaking awesome. If I ever have a small, shy cat, I will name her Kes...


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Quote: FelisAndroid @ Apr. 03 2012, 11:44 pm


>Non yet, oddly enough. {I'm surprised I haven't now that I think about it. But most of my pets have been named after LOTR names.}

>But I did name my phone Data if that counts, since after all he is an Android.

>{Galaxy Nexus.} 


that would be me!

oh, i was tempted to name my cat spot, but pokey is russian blue

(now i think i shoulda named him chekov)


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