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Con of Wrath Documentary


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Saw this on this morning. A doc about the 1982 Trek Con debacle. I've never been to a Trek con, just like the show, but the documentary, revolving around the disastrous first con to feature all seven of the original cast members together, looks interesting. Near the end of the trailer, the film's website is given, and they mention you can get a screen credit for donating to the film. From what I read it's still pretty early in the prodcution stage. There's different levels of donations, and apparently you only get screen credit if you donate $2,500 or more, which is a bit out of my price range. I'm sure there's some board members who have been to the 1982 "Con of Wrath," as it's called. If so, was it really that bad?






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Quick correction: EVERY Donor from $10 up gets screen credit as such--the $2500 is a PRODUCER credit.

The story of the Ultimate Fantasy, aka The Con of Wrath (one of the nicknames given by fans THAT weeekend, along with Ultimate Fiasco and many more) is that it was bad in so many ways for the staff and guests, and the fans, but they all pulled together... and not just for a day, but for all weekend, and THREE ARENA SHOWS. And this was the first "mega" convention "rock concert" event ... when Star Trek as a franchise was still very fragile, and fandom new--and the Trek cast didn't bolt, the staff stayed at their posts, the fans didn't revolt, the dealers and staff overcame a nervous hotel that overreached and kicked out guests... the weather balloon planet caught fire... and there may even be more wrinkles that we uncover. 

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