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Which Star Trek Character(s) do you most identify yourself as?


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Which Star Trek Character(s) do you most identify yourself as? Which ones do you not indentify yourself with? Which ones would you prefer to be? 

"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life." - Picard


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I'm a francophile and I majored in archaeology.  I'm pretty cerebral, but I'm a hopeless romantic, too. Picard was a gentleman, with all that entails.  I try to be a lady.



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The Star Trek character I indentify myself as would be either Picard because I'm usaully really quiet person, like to be by myself, liking to be in control of things, and how we look into the future in our careers (or future career), also the love of history. The character I indentify myself with the least is Troi because when I think of other peoples emtions I usually don't pay much attention to them. The star Trek character I would like to be is Data because is simply amazing. Data is 'nearly perfect' in human eyes but yet to be more human.

"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life." - Picard


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Kirk (proper Shatner version)


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I, for reasons I don't really understand, always related very well to Garak from DS9. Perhaps its because I've always felt so distenced from the others around me at school, and as hard as I try to be friendly and accepting, they just don't seem to trust me.

I've tried to model myself after Capt. Picard (as an intellectual and a leader), Major Kira (as a strong woman), and Deanna Troi (as a good listener and a sympathetic person) as much as possible. Someday I hope to be as great as my role models from Star Trek.

I've got to admit that Miles O'brien is what makes me want to be an engineer. 


Trekkies gonna Trek.


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"Sometimes being an outsider isn't so bad. It gives one a unique perspective."

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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Ben Sisko ! I love this warm intelligent commanding Officer (and the performance by Avery Brooks) , and my family tell me that is whom I am closest in personality too! I could also have said Odo , but he is too remote and self reliant , which isn't really me . Garak reminds me of some acquaintance's , or someone up the management ladder , not to be entirely trusted even though they are openly friendly .


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I never felt that connected to any one STAR TREK character.
Various characters at various times, throughout the franchise,
the subject matter would connect with me. Someone's situation
would resonate with something I've gone through, vaguely. And
it was rarely the same person twice. I just never felt like a
character represented what I'm like. It's the overall show that
I find myself identifying with, actually ...



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Sometimes I feel quite like a different species, while dealing with other people.



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Part Picard because I am quiet, love to read (which could be Janeway too), very organized and love history. Part Malcolm Reed because I don't like to make a fuss, I am very easy going and go with the flow. Definitely part Trip because I am very sarcastic and try to make jokes as often as I can. Part Troi because I am very in tune to others emotions. And part Tasha Yar because being a woman I find that sometimes I have to prove myself as she did.

"Reed Alert, that's not bad"...Malcolm Reed


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At the time I actually watched 'Star Trek,' I identified more with Spock. I was, generally, considered weird because I was quiet, inverted, and preferred to learn things rather than play. Also, at the time, I was in a bad place and looked to Spock as a role model for 'shutting myself down' and not feeling things, anymore.

Now, as an adult, I don't really identify with any of thecharacters themselves.

'-reward for your good heart occurs in this world as the knowledge that love is its own reward and that there are others who appreciate you for who you are.' - Walter Koenig

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As you can probably guess from my name and icon, Chief O'Brien of course!  I'm technically and visually minded, but I lack certain skills or qualities that would allow me to further my interests.

I love working with computers from a physical point of view.  Fixing them, building them, etc., but my lack of mental acuity keeps me from more advanced subjects such as actually programming or engineering.

I'm also a huge armchair scientist.  Had I been born with a better brain, I'm certain I would have been an astronomer.


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James Tiberius Kirk


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My recipe: take huge chunks of Kirk, Janeway and Data. Add some Barclay for flavour, as well as a pinch of McCoy, and serve with sprinkles of Deanna Troi.

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