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Should Star Trek Return to TV


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Report this Jan. 14 2012, 1:35 pm

I 100% agree with everyone that this is the right time to bring back star trek on tv. Use today science to help the show. There was a rumour last year in august that some one made a pitch for a new star trek series set post voyager/nemesis, hopefully, it is set in that timeline but not to far forward.


there are loads of sites which say the something and I hope some one may known anything more????


Dave Hoffman

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Report this Jan. 19 2012, 6:05 pm

(As I listen to some TNG episode on Netflix right now)

Absolutely, it should return to TV.  Unfortunately, when it DOES return, I fear what it will look like.

I'm just having flashbacks to Stargate.  I loved both series', and axiously awaited SGU when it was announced.  When it finally hit the small screen, I was baffled at the 180 degree change in direction.  They went from a fun, exciting, adventurous series to the exact opposite of all those things.

That's what I fear with Trek.  I fear the show open won't have the traditional instrumental score (The only thing that I ended up not liking about Enterprise).  I fear it will be "character driven."  I fear it'll be shot with handheld cameras with lots of shaking and lens flares.  I fear that (just like the 2009 movie), it'll feel and look nothing at all like Star Trek. 

Whatever my fears are, it's still no excuse that such a popular franchise does not have a series on TV right now.  It's absurd.

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