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Dr. Phlox and Worf's brother Kurn, and Hugo Award winner of Inner Light at Starbase Indy Dec. 9-11


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Hey everybody,


Tony Todd - Worf's brother Kurn, and lately NSA director Langston Graham on the NBC series Chuck - will be at the Starbase Indy convention in Indianapolis Dec. 9 to 11.

Also guesting will be John Billingsley, Dr. Phlox on Enterprise, and the coroner on the HBO series True Blood. He's married to another guest star, Bonnie Friedericy, who plays General Beckman on Chuck.

Morgan Gendel, who won a Hugo for writing the "Inner Light" episode on TNG, will be conducting a writing workshop and selling flutes like Picard played in that episode.

Another guest will be Jay Acovone, who played Maj. Kawalsky on Stargate and deputy DA Joe Maxwell on the TV series Beauty and the Beast with Linda Hamilton.

Starbase Indy is fan-run, so it's like a family there. We've gone for most of its 16 years. It has many things to do, like sessions on science, building battle bots from Legos (think Real Steel in miniature), makeup and costuming sessions, and stuff for the kids like building their own tribbles. Also, one of the fans is bringing his collection of retro 1980s video arcade games - no quarters needed - so fans can play for free. Google Starbase Indy for more details.





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OMG, I just went to their website and it looks awesome.  Looks like they have been holding cons for some time and I asked a friend and she said she had herad of them.  Thanks for the info.. I will definitely be going!!


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My husband and I already have our tickets.  I sent the link to the website today to two co-workers who expressed an interest, too.


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My husband and I attended this year and had a great time.  We loved the Opening Ceremonies (the YouTube Cartoon Clip game, the interplay between John and Bonita was lively).  Meeting the guests on Saturday was wonderful. 

John and Bonita's Q&A was entertaining, Tony's was introspective and the autograph/photo lines were short and allowed enough time that we had good long chats with most everyone. 


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