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Starbase Majestic


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Report this Oct. 13 2011, 1:12 am

Are you looking for a Starbase Simm?  Do you like to work on character development?  Do you like adventure and action? Starbase Majestic may have just that.  We are rated PG-17 and we have we are play by SMS.  We use the next version of SMS called Nova.  We are focused on Science and Medical missions, but we are not just limited to those areas.  We are part of Bravo Fleet's Taskforce 86. 


Positions I am looking to fill are:

Executive Officer

Chief Flight Control Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Tactical Officer

Chief Security Officer

Chief Science Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Counselor

Civilian Positions

There are many other positions available and you can request a position that is not listed. Our missions center on Science and Medical, but you are not limited to just those type of missions.

Please visit us at to apply

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